Tuesday, 21 October 2014

ADG in Normandy, the final part. Finally!

Finally! I'm blogging again! Work has been tense and I really didn't have the courage to paint during the evenings, much less so for blogging.

Anyway. Now that the English version of Art de la guerre is out, I feel my motivation coming back. i want to play, paint, and blog again. Last week-end, I attented another tournament in Norther France, so expect some batreps soon. But for now, enjoy this final video, where I face the 2014 best Art de la guerre player.

Salut a tous! Me revoilà enfin sur la blogosphère. Mon boulot me crevait trop pour pouvoir faire quoi que ce soit d'utile pour notre communauté le soir. Mais maintenant que la V3 d'ADG est sortie, je me sens remotivé. Je devrais donc reposter plus fréquemment. J'ai eu l'occasion de participer le week-end dernier à un tournoi, et je posterai donc les rapoorts d'ici peu. En attendant, voici le dernier épisode de ma saga à Montivilliers, cette fois contre Patrick Tahon.

Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Iberian freedom fighters- Combattants de la liberte iberes

Hello everyone. It's been a busy a week, with the discovery of my new classes, the new but temporary timeschedule, the new colleagues... And the lessons I have to prepare obviously. I have therefore had no time to touch a brush.

I have joined Clint's Play by Blog naval game temporarily, to keep me busy on the internet front.

Bonjour a tous. La semaine fut longue et tres occupee, du fait de mon nouveau travail. Je dois preparer mes cours, mais franchement, ca fait du bien. J'ai rejoint temporairement la partie de Clint via son blog, histoire de couler des navires anglais.

Wargaming wise, I intend to play a bit before the mid-term holidays, because I'd like to enter an Art de la guerre tournament. Speaking of which, here is the cover for the very soon-to-be-released rules:
J'ai egalement l'intention de jouer a ADG pour m'entrainer en vue d'un tournoi. Voici a ce propos la couverture de la prochaine version a venir.

Finally, even if I didn't paint a bit, I took some pictures of my last production batch: Iberian infantry for Ancient Spanish army. All minis are from Corvus Belli.

Et enfin, meme si je n'ai rien peint pour le moment, voici ce que j'avais termine recemment, des Iberes Corvus Belli, pour Art de la guerre: des fantassins moyens, une unite de javeliniers, et un general.

First of, a unit of medium footmen. They can be rated as either impetuous or impact in Art de la guerre, depending on their training, and the period. It's a very useful unit, fast, hard-hitting. I just need to be careful about ennemy cavalry.

Next, we have a unit of javelinmen. This unit is very interesting, because, once again, they're fast, they can shoot, evade, and are the nemesis of the elephants:

And finally, one of the generals. Command is not really good within the army, not a lot of leadership points. Unless you take the Sertorian option.Sertorius was a very good Roman general who rebelled against Sylla's domination.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Paint Table Saturday: Romani Ite Domum!

Hello everyone.

Today's special is all about Romans. indeed, I had started some Old Glory and Essex for an Art de la guerre project. They're now well on their way to completion. I'd like to use them for a game on Monday, we'll see, we'll see. In the mean time, I'm getting ready for the coming schoolyear which is about to start. Dear me. For the first time in three years, I'll be finally in front of a class again... I hope I'm no too rusty.