Saturday, 19 July 2014

Paint Table Saturday: ready for the holidays

Hi everyone.

I told you I had picked up my brushes once again. Today is a bit special, since I'm going for three weeks in places where I won't be able to be connected. But at the same time, I should have enough spare time to paint a bit. I have therefore prepared some stuff:

A small batch of 16 Xyston hoplites  I inted to paint as some sort of black guard, of some tyrant. And next, a s***load of Romans, from Old Glory and Essex. They were amongst my first minis, at a time when you had to buy what you could lay your hands on.... But more importantly, why Romans!!!! I keep saying that I hate Romans. Well, they're for my Spartacus army, and some other projects too ;)

See you in a bit more than 3 weeks.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Syracuse versus Bosphorans: the third episode in my epic saga

Hello everyone.

Being on holidays at your parents' home has a certain appeal: food, nice change of scenery, big garden, and lots of free time without your child...

I've prepped a lot of minis to paint this coming weeks, and I also take time to create videos about my games. Those batreps take a bit of time to do, but I really enjoy doing it. I hope you do too.

Anyway, this time, I played against Karoline, a very nice young woman from Northern France. Though young, she is experienced, and I knew my Syracusan army would be in for a tough game.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A new episode in my Art de la guerre Saga

Hi everyone. Long time, no post. I must confess I haven't be very faithful to the blogging community lately, not reading as ,any blogs as i wanted to, not leaving enough comments... Truth is; I'm on holidays, and I've enjoyed some quiet days without my daughter at home, to paint a bit. Expect a lot to come after I come back in August.

Meanwhile, here is my second game in the Normandy tournament. Hope you enjoy.