Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The clock is ticking: painting an army for Saturday

You've read correctly. I need to paint an army for a tournament this coming week-end. Fortunately for me, I already had bits and bobs to soften the pain. For this tournament, I need 200 points of  ******* ( shhh, some might read this blog), and I picked up enough troups to reach 88 points.  So I still need to paint 112 points. i had put some paint on some miiatures last week, but I really need to rush things up, meaning I wil rush my painting a bit.

So far, here is what I have done:

5 bases of light infantry, and 2 of heavy infantry: 26 miiatures so far. They're varnished and based, but I still need to finish the basing. Yurk. I think I will need to work up unitl Friday night.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Choices of the week #16

Once more unto the brush, my friends!
Seven weeks after the last ones, I'm on holidays with my daughter, enjoying the sun with my parents. It has therefore been a bit chaotic to catch up with all the blogs for the past few days, but here we are. Just for you, I take the time to do it, although I should paint the army I'll play next week-end. Fortunately for me, 40% was already painted, here and there in other army boxes. But still. i have a lot to do, and I'm certainly rushing it. Anyway, back to the past week best posts.

Belote, rebelote et dix de der. Me voila de nouveau en vacances chez mes parents avec ma fille, profitant du soleil et du temps libre. A cause du voyage, ce fut un peu chaotique, et j'ai pris du retard dans la lecture des blogs, mais je rattrape le temps. Et pis, il me faut aussi peindre une armee pour un tournoi dans une semaine. Heureusement, j'en ai deja environ 40% de pret, en piochant par-ci par-la. Bon, faut pas que je traine, et ca va etre bacle, mais je devrais y arriver.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Choices of the week #15- I Salute you

Right, I know I did a poor play on words, but honestly, if you don't know about Salute, what are you doing here? Indeed, the main event this past week was the Salute from the South London Warlords. Instead of giving you a full listing of posts, full of pics, I'll give you only one. One? Yes, but this blogger did all the job for me and he compiled all the posts about the event. Thanks mate!

So, now that is done, what could we expect this week? Well, I must say everyone was fixed on this event, but I managed to find some good stuff.

First of all, there happened to be, last week, a convention in France, and we have some nice pictures:

A nice batrep between Galatians and Seleucids, using Hail Caesar, in 28mm:

A nice, if small, batrep in 28mm using Fire and Fury:

Another batrep set during a Longstreet campaign:

And another one, with Black Powder, set in 1866, still in 28mm:

Some SYW using Maurice (for Kolin):

Some good ol' West:

A last one, between Rome and Pontus:

Time for some WIPs and tutorials. Shall we start with someone who made an armoured train for the VBCW:

 I didn't know those vids existed. Now I'm feeling less stupid, with these how to's:

A new German brand of primer has been tested. Convincing:

And here we have a review of the new Vallejo paint sets:

Jim continues his reflexions about Fall-Out:

Now for the eye-candy. I'll start immediately with a superb Kingtiger in winter camo:

Then we have Anne's new paint jobs, with a special liking the car lady:

Monty is still painting his Spartan army in 15mm:

Next, we have some sheer Prussian porn, with Criag's 15mm Napoleonic brigade:

Marc has started painting a Mughal army. His elephant is gorgeous:

And I'll finish with a splendid 28mm vignette, showing Gonzague crossing the Taro (set during the early Italian wars ):