Tuesday 26 June 2012

Primer on!

Pheeww. The real life is rather mean to me at the moment, mostly because of my daughter. She has a lot of trouble sleeping, and so I'm exhausted most of the time, meaning I prefer relaxing instead of blogging. For instance, this past, she woke crying at 4AM and couldn't sleep until I came to her room and slept beside her on the floor.... Ouch, my back. Anyway, I'm still finding enough time to paint and you should see some things in a few. In the meantime, next Thursday, I'll have a practice game for the medieval comp, and so I want as many troups ready as possible. So yesterday, I prepped them, and... I primed them. Yes, you heard me correctly. I'll try the technique used by a friend of mine, Gilles, who owns a blog. I encourage you to visit him, just so to keep him busy posting shiny pictures. Anyway, here the stuff I intend to fast paint:

In 15mm: 21 mounted, and 72 foot.
In 28mm: 12 bowmen

We'll see if this technique is effective or not.

Bon, la vie reelle peut etre dure, surtout en ce moment avec ma fille, qui a beaucoup de mal a dormir. PAr exemple, cette nuit, elle n'arretait pas pleurer entre 4 et 5h du mat. Je me suis donc couche sur le sol de sa chambre et ai dormi a cote d'elle. Magique... Bref, vous pouvez comprendre que blogger est un peu dur pour moi... Passons. Jeudi, j'ai une partie d'entrainement pour le tournoi medieval du club, et j'ai besoin de figs. J'ai donc prepare le tout, et j'ai sous-couche! Ben oui, j'ai decide d'utiliser une technique de mon ami Gilles, qui semble efficace. Vous pourrez en juger en allant sur son blog. Allez zou, retour aux pinceaux.


  1. Au lieu de dormir par terre, t'as qu'à peindre...non, j'déc...courage!

  2. I am sorry to hear of your predicament, I do hope all is back to normal soon. Certainly an ambitious task ahead of you, I wish you every success.

  3. Real-life assists us in the utilization of our time in proper priorities. And you using your time lovingly and wisely...and still getting modeling work done. Great!

  4. Hi Seb. the auto-translate function didn't help particularly with Gilles' blog, but if I got the gist of it the fast paint process is: prime white, dark ink wash to provide shading, colour ink over main areas, paint metallics and details. Is that right?

    12 bowmen in 28mm? levies for you Saga warband perhaps? :)

  5. Sometimes real life has to come first, especially when its your kids, I've 4 so I know all about that!!!