Saturday 20 April 2013

Those who are about to spend... Salute 2013

I'm finally seated in front of the PC, trying to recollect everything that happened during the day. To be honest, even though I had payed my ticket in advance I didn't know if I could really go to Excel... My daughter is sick again, yay... Anyway, I got the green light from my wife and I arrived at 9.40Am. There I met Simon for a little transaction. But shhh, more on that later. The queue was just gigantic, but I was in at 10:10, which is good.

Hmm, that would be nice in the living-room...

Once there,  I was thinking how busy it was, and apparently many people I talked to had the same impression. Apparently it will be a great success. Well done Warlords. I also had the opportunity to meet 6mmPhil from the lead adventure forum, very nice chap. And at 1PM, I attented the bloggers meeting, where I saw Ray, Fran, Postie, Lee, Tamsin and Mike ( the whole rejects gang). But I also met Sydney, Mike number 2, and many more whose names I've already forgotten. I remember someone was from Prague. Sorry, I am bit tired after the long walk.

But I guess you're not here to read about my social life, you want some wargaming porn. First, the king of sandbagging:

 Ok fellas, here it is, a whole gallery. It's only part of the show, but those were in my eyes the best tables. Oh, and if anyon knows how to create a slideshow which can be imported on blogger, from Picasa, please tell me, I've tried to do it for more than 20min... Anyway. Enjoy:


  1. Merci pour toutes ces belles photos...ceux qui restent loin de Salute te saluent!

  2. Replies
    1. It's good to see all those picturess and it looks like there were some excellent games.

      But you need to get your camera checked over, every one of the pictures I looked at at full size is slightly out of focus.

  3. Thanks for posting all those fab pics Seb! It's hard to believe it was just a year ago when we met for the ACW game at Posties. I hope I can make it out for next year.

  4. Good to see you again Seb, great pics!

  5. Sorry to have missed you Seb, maybe next year?