Sunday 13 November 2011

68- Carthaginian Veterans

I already had painted, a few months ago, my first unit of Hannibal's Veterans. Well, yesterday I finished my second one, with black shields. Those tough guys are from Xyston, with hand painted shields.

And now, the picture that will strike fear into every Roman soldier, my two units together:

J'avais peint ma première unité de vétérans il y a quelque temps déjà. Hier, j'ai donc terminé ma seconde unité, toujours avec des boucliers peints à la main. Evidemment, ce sont des Xyston.


  1. Bravo, très belles unités... a quand une photo de l'armée ? hobbyone

  2. Very nicely done!

    I'm glad I don't game in a period that needs such attention to detail as the shields!

  3. Rosbif, you don't need to be that attentive to shields. i'm just a bit mad about them ^^

  4. Great paint work love the shields!

  5. The pattern on those shields is brilliant! If I ever do a 2nd Carthaginian army, I'd like to try that. Try being the operative word!