Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Punic wars at Crisis

For those lucky guys who will go at Crisis in Antwerp next week-end, I'll give a taste of a game you'll have to try. It'll be a demo of Art de la guerre, with 28mm minis from the Punic wars. The game will be hosted by two friends of mine. Fisrt here's a look at Fred's Carthaginians:

And the Romans from Boris:
Une fois n'est pas coutume, je fais de la pub pour mes amis. Et si vous faites partie des chanceux qui vont à Crisis ced week-end, je vous encourage à aller voir fred et Boris et leur superbe table guerre punique en 28mm. Franchement, ça va en jeter.


  1. Both sets of figures look excellent , have a great day at Crisis, hopefully will be in contact with a date for a game soon.

  2. Nice teaser, I will have a look for sure

  3. I will sure have a look over there saterday ;-)


  4. Fran and Ray: Sorry guys, but i won't go to Crisis. it was just a teaser for a great looking game. OTOH, I'll be at Warfare;)