Thursday 25 October 2012

Unknown entities, coming your way

Thanks to Anatoli, I've discovered Xcom:enemy unknown. It's a new version of an older PC game. I didn't get the opportunity to play it in the 1990's, so I jumped in the wagon, and downloaded the demo, and ended up buying the game. It has everything I like: base management, missions, and skirmishing against various and disgusting aliens. To sum it up, I love it. And I might say, I also want to play the game with minis. So I've started looking here and there. Expect a new project (another one) for 2013 ;)

Grace a Anatoli, j'ai decouvert le jeu Xcom:enemy unknown. Il s'agit d'une version modernisee d'un jeu PC sorti dans les annees 1990... N'ayant alors pu y jouer, j'ai saute sur l'occasion, en telechargenat la demo, puis en achetant le jeu. Il n'est pas parfait, mais pour moi, il a tous les ingredients: gestion de la basse, des missions, et des escarmouches contre des aliens tout aussi repugnants les uns que les autres. Bref, j'adore. Et j'ai egalement envie de reproduire le jeu en version figs, et j'ai du coup commence a regarder ce qui se fait ici et la. Attendez-vous donc a voir un nouveau projet en 2013.


  1. This game is fantastic and I have lost too many painting hours, keeps the original theme but of course much better. Have completed it and now starting all over again!
    Lets hope for terror from the deep!
    Like u it's a new project for next year and am now looking for suitable figures

  2. This looks like a huge distraction, but great fun.

  3. Used to love the old version, probably shouldn't have found out about the new one ;)