Wednesday 14 November 2012

boobies trap, a FOG batrep part2

As soon as the drums were heard, the whole army sprang forward, both wings pointing towards the enemy, while the center remained calm. Wagoon-Li was leading the left, Psy the center and Tarusan the right wing, with some infantry and the cavalry... He was worried of what was about to happen... The devious madaxeman had deployed the right troups to simply contain and then destroy his whole wing... In fact, he was facing a huge part of the army all by himself... Now the plan didn't seem so good... F******* stripper: crossbows with stakes, cavalry, armoured spearmen... Yes that was a grim sight. Tarusan prayed quickly and hoped that Wagoon-Li would fast enough.

ok, very blurry pic, damn, I think my camera is dying

I don't feel that confident...
In the center, Psy was freaking out. Dim-Sun, Nuoc-nam and swallows nests! The worthless madaxeman was manoeuvering like a genius! His light infantry was simply moving to block the advance of Wagoon-Li, while the rest of the heavy troups were pouring forward, towards his only infantry unit: impact foot barbarian allies, armoured sworsdmen, heavy weapons... Right, he should have drank a few more cups of ricewine before...

By the ancestors we're screwed...


Mummy! Where's my mummy?

But, why?
Yes, it looked as if the battle would be over soon. And Wagoon-Li was nowhere to be seen... In despair, the noble heavy chariots charged towards the spearmen and died horribly, buying some time between the center and the right wing.

Note: I don't have any pic of this, but my chariots failed twice their test not to charge those pesky armoured spearmen... Of course they died, but they lasted three roounds of combat... more than enough.

On the right, Tarusan braced and relieved himself when he saw the huge mass of troops coming at him: barbarians, cavalry.... Facing impossible odds, he threw up and then threw himself in the melee, roaring like a lion!

And then... a miracle... He won, and won again, and then routed two units of Chinese rebels.

He sent a messenger to Wagoon-Li and Psy not to despair, everything was fine on his side:

Psy felt better: his right flank was saved and, though the enemy was coming right at him and dared charge, Wagoon-Li was finally seen coming his way: Yes, the Chinese were trapped! Right against their flank!

Those who're about to die... run away!

The enemy was running away everywhere. Cheers could be heard along the Qin lines. Many heads to cut! Many promotions to be expected! And then, drums were heard. Such a number of drums... No one could have imagined that many drums... Suddenly, a single horseman moved towards our lines... Calm, dignified, he asked for Wagoon-Li.

" My master madaxeman is dead. He prefered committing suicide rather than facing your judgement. I'm his second in command, More-Fu-Less-Rice. And I ask for your mercy. I conceit defeat."

A wave of cheers simply exploded like a volcano amongst the Qin ranks! Hurray! General Psy couldn't believe it ! Overcome with joy, he started dancing in front of his soldiers who mimicked him...

I've won. Gosh, that's it! I've won. I've won the Ancients club comp... Was I lucky during this game? Yes! But I knew I would win on my left and the center. My right would have been more problematic, so that's why I'd put my cavalry and a big infantry unit, to soak up the hits. The impact is really effective: +1 against every kind of unit Tim had, and lots of crossbows in support. Those were not that effective, but scored enough hits to force some tests.


  1. Misleading title! I came here for an ENTIRELY different reason!

    Great report, great pics! Cheers!

  2. Fantastique Seb! Ca valait le coup d'attendre! Du suspense, de belles photos (à part la première!), de la tension, une fin terrible, une belle danse pour finir, beaucoup d'originalité...j'adore!

  3. Salut Seb,

    excellent report!
    well done mate!
    so now you have no more nemesis ;-)



  4. Good report, Seb. I'm playing Tim at FoGR on Monday. Please let me know how you got him to roll all those 1's.