Wednesday 13 March 2013

More gladiators: almost there

I've been quite productive, and my gladiators are almost finished. Hmmm, I think I shouldn't be that happy, because now I have to paint the shields. Yes, they will hand-painted, all of them. I've also sent my new entry to Curt, so expect more painted stuff quite soon. And I've also prepped more minis for my Spartacus project.

Soiree plus que productive, car j'ai presque termine mes gladiateurs. Bon, il ne me reste que le plus difficile: les boucliers. En effet, je compte tous les peindre, a la main cela va de soi. J'ai egalement envoye un truc a Curt, donc vous devriez voir d'autres figs peintes tres bientot. J'en ai egalement profite pour preparer d'autres figos pour l'armee.


  1. Nice looking gladiators Seb :)

    I'm Sp... errmm, no I'm not! ;)

  2. great looking gladiators a bit of CGI and they could appear in "Blood and Sand"

  3. De très belles figurines pour un très beau projet qui prend forme...