Monday 24 June 2013

Slowly moving in, more 28mm on the way

Right. First of all, Johnny Rosbif has reached the 100k milestone, and is doing a book giveaway. The 4 books he's offering look interesting enough for you to drop by and give it a try.

Now, onto business. I've decided to continue painting my 28mm army, and this time, I've primed enough minis to paint a phalanx unit. I've also added 4 skirmishers, and I think I'll start with them. In the background, you can see the first based minis. it's not completely finished, but should be done this week.

Salutations. Tout d'abord, Johnny Rosbiff a depasse les 100k hits, et a donc organise une petite loterie pour gagner 4 bouquins tout a fait interessants. Allez-y donc et tentez votre chance.

De mon cote, j'ai decide de continuer a peindre mes 28mm, et j'ai donc sous-couche de quoi faire 4 tirailleurs et plein de phalangites. Enfin plein... de quoi faire une unite quoi. En arriere-plan, vous pouvez voir mes premieres figs sur leur socle, pas encore tout a fait termine. Je vais m'en occuper cette semaine.


  1. You are really getting to grips with the 28s, looking forward to seeing these with paint on!

  2. De belles choses en perspective !