Sunday 26 January 2014

Choices of the week#4 and painting desk

First of all, thanks everyone for stopping by, reading these weekly posts and liking them. I know I'm not "working" for nothing. This week has been very busy, for me and in the blogosphere, with a lot of interesting posts. Let's hope you'll find them as interesting as I do. And remember: if you know an interesting blog, tell me about it.

Tout d'abord, merci a vous tous de passer par la, de lire ces posts hebdomadaires et de les apprecier. Au moins, je ne fais pas ca inutilement. Cette semaine a ete tes occupee, tant de mon cote que du cote de la blogosphere, avec une veritable floppee de posts interessants. Si jamais vous connaissez un blog de qualite, n'hesitez pas a m'en parler.

First of, a special pic for Sofie. I had forgotten to post my working table yesterday, so here it is:

Some ACW stuff, including the hero bonus round

Let's start with a blog that has been recommended by one of my readers.  It's now really my scene, but you can find some interesting stuff, starting, this week, by a nice tutorial on how to paint a sci-fi urban camo:

Fran posted a nice ACW batrep in 15mm You have to admit Postie knows how to dress tables:

Staying in the ACW theme, a wonderful table for the battle of Shiloh:

Next, Gunfreak has been posting some very nice SYW Minden figures. They're worth the detour, if you like the period of course:

Then we have some simply but nicely painted 28mm  Scutarii. For those who don't know, they were Ancient Spanish troops.

A bit later, we can find some nice Aventine Roman cataphracts:

If we move forward in time, we end up in Canada, for a Musket and Tomahawk batrep:

Now, something a bit different, with some WW2 German vehicles in 28mm:

And after that, a drop of deliciously painted Napoleonic and medieval command stands, still in 28mm:

Staying in the Napoleonic era, some interesting thoughts about how to recreate a very unbalanced battle: Champaubert, with some very nice 28mm minis:


  1. Merci pour le lien. C'est sans doute ça le début de la célébrité :-).

  2. Pas de pb mon ami. C'est merite

  3. Your painting table looks very clean! Looking forward to those minis on the table when they are painted!