Wednesday 25 May 2011

London calling?

Hi everyone. As life goes on, We never know what to expect. And a few days ago, my wife got a proposition for a good job in London. She doesn't know yet how much she'll earn , but she's more than tempted. And so, we may have to move out to live in London. 

So I ask the people from Uk, and especially from London: What are the wargaming clubs in London? In France, we have a forum in which people from all over the country can meet and tchat about historical wargaming. Do you have something like that?

En VF: Il est possible que je déménage à Londres suite à une promotion de ma femme (pas encore acceptée, mais elle paraît inrefusable). Du coup, je me demande quels sont les clubs de wargames à Londres, et surtout si nos amis Anglais ont un truc équivalent à jeudhistoire.


  1. I believe the boys from Salute are based in London, my Wargames group are based just outside London, go onto the The Miniatures Page and ask?

  2. les south london warlords sont effectivement de Londres (ceux qui organisent le salute). Tu peux acceder au club via la page du salute.

  3. Veinard!
    Comme dit Igor, les warlords semblent tout à fait convenir.
    Adg va sortir en anglais à l'automne en plus.
    Reste à te faire muter au lycée français!

  4. Of course! How could I have forgotten them... But, as I was surfing through their pages, I saw they really were in the South of the London area. The thing is We may live in central London. I know, it's very costly, but hey, my wife's entreprise will pay for a good part of the rent ^^.
    @ Angry Lurker: TMP may be a good idea. I'll post there and we'll see.

  5. There is a Central London Wargames club that I used to go to a lot, nice chaps, they like a beer too. Several other clubs meet in and around Central London.

    There are other wargamers, like me, whose minis aren't very portable so who play from home (in North London). You'd be very welcome to come up for a game.

  6. @BigRedBat: Thanks a lot for the info, and thanks for the invitation^^

  7. Do drop me a line if you end up over here! Ici on parle franglais.

  8. Tu vas envahir l'Angleterre ? ... Séb le Conquérant, ça en jette ;-)
    Je confirme ce qu'on dit les autres concernant Les Warlords.
    C'est d'ailleurs une photo des Warlords en train de jouer illustrant un article sur le jeu d'histoire qui m'a donné envie de passer du diorama au jeu. C'est un vieux rêve que de les rejoindre, un peu comme passer du Réal au Barça... Veinard, va !