Thursday 28 July 2011

Hail Saga!

Oh, how feeble I am. Simply by reading through my favourite blogs, I've finally succombed, and I ordered Hail Caesar. I just received it and what a lovely book. After a first read, I'm not surprised by the rules system, simply because I already played Warmaster Ancients. I think it may be my next favourite rulebook ^^

I also preordered Saga, from Studio Tomahawk. I never see it played, just heard of it... And the guys behind it are French and they're cool. So I went to their website and chose the special offer, with the book, the Viking deal and the dice ^^

Je suis faible, je le sais. J'ai commandé Hail Caesar de Rick Priestley, et je ne suis pas déçu, car déjà adepte du système Warmaster. Et pour ajouter à ma faiblesse, j'ai précommandé Saga chez Alex de Comitatus. J'en ai profité pour prendre le deal Viking avec les dés spéciaux.

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