Wednesday 27 July 2011

WIP: Orange-Nassau

Not very motivated for the last few days. The reason is simple: I live in a flat, and many people have decided to do heavy work in theirs. So, for the past days, I'm forced to listen to the drills and the hammers... Anyway, I still manage to do some painting, and today I finished the first part of the Orange-Nassau regiment. 

Minis are, as always, from Old Glory, except for the command, which is... the French one from Warmodelling. In 15mm, and with a bit of paint, everything looks ok for game distance.

Pas super motivé en  ce moment, à cause de nombreux proprios dans mon immeuble qui ont décidé de faire des gros travaux. Bref, à part les bruits de marteaux et de perceuse... Toutefois, je réussis toujours à peindre un peu, et voici donc le première partie du régiment d'Orange-Nassau. La suite à venir très bientôt.


  1. Very nice!! even with all that horrible noise!!!

  2. I like the skirmishers out front, nice basing, damn good painting.