Thursday 27 October 2011

62- The Brave Scots

Here are the only pictures of the 79th Cameron highlanders I painted for my friend. I 'm disappointed because you won't see the pipers, and the officer on his white horse... Bah, anyway, time has passed, and I must say I was really pleased with the Old Glory miniatures, and the odd Warmodelling figures, from time to time. For example, the standard bearers and drummer are from Warmodelling. This is the last time I bother you with Napoleonics, at least for a while, and now I can go on painting my other projects, when I've finished the Romans...

Ce seront les seules phots des Ecossais du 79e Cameron Highlanders que vous verrez, hélas. J'ai vraiment apprécié peindre ces Old Glory, même sir les tartans ne sont pas évidents. Seuls les figs de commandement sont de chez Warmodelling. Maintenant, je vais pouvoir passer à autre chose, continuer mes autres projets de peinture, et en commencer d'autres.


  1. Nothing wrong with a man in a skirt.

  2. Please bother us with more Napoleonics!

    Tartan and diced borders are a real $#@! to paint but you've managed a good impression.

  3. Thanks guys.
    @Rosbif. Sorry mate, but this was the last unit in my order. So no more napoleonics for a while, I'm afraid