Saturday 22 October 2011

An epic Saga about to begin

This is a good title for this post, for two reasons. First, I've finally received my copy of Saga, plus a Viking starter set, and... the dice set! Yay! I think I'm more than lucky because they're now out of stock...

So, what is the other reason? Well, I had ordered them before leaving to London, but they were sent to my former address in France after my departure... So, my parents had to get them, and then send them back to me... pheww. Anyway, I've already erad the rules and I like them. Plus, Two of the guys in my club are actually painting Normans and Saxons.. So, maybe in a few months, you'll see games set in 1066 Britain. For your information, My warlord will be called: Einhar Ragnarson. Ok, that's an easy one ^^

Salut à tous. Comme vous avez pu le constater, j'ai reçu mon exemplaire de Saga, avec un starter Viking et les dés spéciaux. J'ai beaucoup de chance sachant qu'ils sont en rupture de stock. Le truc c'est que je les avais commandés alors que j'étais encore en France. Mes parents ont dû récupérer le paquet, et me le renvoyer ensuite. Ce n'est donc que maintenant que je peux en profiter. Et je le ferai car deux gars de mon club se sont eux aussi lancés dans l'aventure avec des Normands et des Saxons. Alors, à bientôt pour les aventures d'Einhar Ragnarson.


  1. its a great set of rules, we were fortunate to playtest these and put on a demonstration game in Sheffield earlier this year. I look forward to seeing your warband as its painted

  2. well, as soon as some projects are finished ;))