Friday 21 December 2012

Some French punchy recon units

The 3rd Analogue hobbies painting competition is now finally on! And thanks to a day alone at home, I've been able yesterday to paint a few of my Cold War 6mm French. Let's start with the first group, the ERC- 90 Sagaie:
Le 3e concours de peinture d'Analogue Hobbies vient de debuter. GRace a un jour tranquille seul a la maison, j'ai pu avancer mon armee francaise guerre froide en 6mm. Voici donc le premier groupe, les ERC-90 Sagaie:

The minis are from CinC and were easy to paint. ERC means "Engin a Roue, Canon de 90mm", " wheeled vehicule with a 90mm gun, east ;) ). They were developped and produced by Panhard in the 1970's, are amphibious, can operate in contaminated areas and can be transported by plane. Cool stuff. Though lightly armoured (only 10mm), they are bloody fast, with a 60km/h top speed in cross-country, and 95 km/h on road... With a 800km range. In Cold War Commander, they are rated as Recon units, , can move up to 25cm (not bad), have 4 shots up to 80 cm (same range as a T-72), have Infra-red vision, 3 hits and a 6+ save. Ok, they're brittle, but might be deadly in ambush.

Les figs viennent de CinC et ont ete tres faciles a peindre. ERC signifie "Engin a Roue, Canon de 90mm" . Plutot facile a retenir, non? Le vehicule a ete developpe par Panhard dans les annees 70. Il est amphibie, peut intervenir en atmosphere contaminee et est aerotransportable. Bref, que du bonheur. Le blindage n'est que de 10mm, mais son point fort est la vitesse, avec des pointes a 60km/h en tout-terrain et 95km/h sur route. Il a une autonomie de 800km. A Cold War Commander, pour 90 petits points, vous avez un vehicule de reco qui peut se deplacer de 25cm, et qui possede 4 tirs a 80 cm (la portee d'un T-72), ainsi que la vision infra-rouge. Bon, ok, il n'a que 3 hits et une sauvegarde a 6+...

Next are 3 AMX-10 RC. Voici maintenant les AMX-10RC.

They were developped by GIAT industry at the same time as the ERC-90. They are a specialised in recon and strike. Their 105mm gun (yup) is very effective up until 2km (meaning a Russian tank doesn't really stand a chance), can race up to 85 km/h on road, and can operate in contaminated areas as well. Very nasty too.
In Cold war Commander, for a mere 120 points, you have a unit with 4 hits and a 6+save, but have 5 shots up to 100cm! Russian tanks, beware!
Developpe par le GIAT dans la meme periode, c'est un vehicule la encore specialise dans le reco, mais aussi dans les attaques eclair. Leur canon de 105mm est redoutable jusqu'a 2km ( pauvres Russes) et peuvent decamper jusqu'a 85km/h (catch me if you can!). Ils peuvent egalement operer en atmosphere contaminee. A CWC, pour 120 points, vous avez une unite a 4 hits, une sauvegarde a 6+, avec 5 attaques a 100cm! Niark niark.


  1. Très impressionnant ce que tu arrives à faire en 6mm! Joli travail!

  2. Stuff like this makes me start thinking about modern . . . .

  3. So small, but so very nicely painted and based.

  4. c'est que pour du 6 mm la peinture est impressionnante

  5. I thought these were great and a wonderful start to the challenge.