Monday 16 June 2014

Choices of the week #23

Ah yes. Father's day. The only day where we are supposed to do nothing but what we like.... Right. I prefer spending some time at work at the moment, simply because there is nothing to do, and I can then paint a bit ;). Unless I watch the games. Well done Les Bleus!

Ah la fete des peres, avec son cortege de cadeaux faits maison... Le seul jour ou theoriquement nous pouvons faire ce que nous voulons... Theoriquement. Perso, je prefere rester au boulot, car au moins je n'ai rien a faire en ce moment , et du coup je peux peindre un peu. Bon ok, je regarde les matchs. Bravo les gars pour hier soir.

As usual, we'll start the review with the batreps:
First, a nice batrep set during the English civil war. The real one, using Pike and Shotte, in 28mm:

Next, FiremonkeyBoy has played a game of Musket and Tomahawks, in which you'll find lots of pics of... canoes:

We have the battle of Ballikylmoore, using Maurice, and in 25mm too, set during the French revolutionary wars:

An imaginary battle set in 1815, between French and Prussian, using Black Powder:

Another Black Powder game, during the 7YW, between Prussians and Russians:

A lovely recap of the Too Fat Lardies day:

Scott has started building Dwarrowdelf:

Now for the eye-candy:
I'll start with a heavy cavalry brigade for Waterloo:

Next, we have some lovely Tibetans for Art de la guerre, in 15mm:

I always have a fondness for Cold War vehicules, so have a look there:

It's not an Ork truk, it's simply a French armoured car of the Early WW2

Next, we have a very nice 15mm VTOL gunship:

The Spanish civil war can also be played in 10mm:

Jonathan has painted some lovely Trojan chariots, in 28mm:

Yori is a 15mm specialist, and his Parthians are lovely:

We are in the anniversary of the GReat War. Arindel has started a project, painting divisions in 15mm:

My pick of the week, two samurai. ok, a priest and a bandit:

The colonial wars have always fascinated me. So, when I see some great pics for the North-West frontier:

Even though I don't like Romans, when they're so well painted, I appreciate them:

All quiet on the Martian front. Now that will be a cool looking game. And you have some US tanks:


  1. Super boulot comme d'hab, et en plus cette semaine plein de posts que je n'avais pas excellents!

  2. I was pleased with the England result too ;-)


    1. They played well, but Italy was more... practical, efficient

  3. Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..