Monday 2 June 2014

Choices of the week#21

I seem to suffer the common painting blues, meaning I know I want to paint, but I'm not in the mood to do it. Almost every evening, I prepare my desk, but then, put everything back, and go watch the TV or read a book. Damn. It's been like this for a month now. And to make matters worse, my daughter was sick, and then I caught a cold. bugger. Anyway, I still manage to read the blogs and, though I don't comment every time (sorry about that), I keep doing my homework ;)

As usual, to start the review, we'll have a look at the batreps.
We're going first to the VBCW, using a nice FT-17:

Next, a big game of Muskets and Tomahawks:

James is still playing his campaign, and Hannibal seems to have taken quite a beating. Damn!

The Posties have played another game, the battle of Megara. I took sides and decided to report the point of view of the victors. Sparta! (sorry Ray, boy lover, you're no real man)

Next we have a nice game of Chain of Command:

And we have the battle of Poitiers, the one set in 1356, played by... French gamers. Come on guys, where is your honour?

Now, the miscellanous stuff, including tutorials, wips and conv. Starting with the pics from Partizan who took place yesterday. Kinda cool, under tents.

A very nice 88mm gun:

Some bocage, being built. Promising:

And  a tutorial in Spanish about how to paint orange:

Ok. Now, time for the eye-candy:
First, Stuart has painted some really nice Stradiots. Have a look. Love the sun-shield:

Next, some lovely 28mm Late Romans:

Dr Moebius has painted some scary Africans:

You might want to have a look at those nice Goths:

Anne is not satisfied with her paintjob this time, about an anti-paladin. Prouve her wrong:

If you want to get some minis and help for a good cause, go there and make a bid for the Bloggers for Charity:

Phil has done some nice Sikhs for the Sudan:

Now, to finish this review, two blogs with very nice camps. The first for the biblical Lybians:

and the other one for Western Sudanese and Tuaregs:



  1. Hi, and thanks for the link to my bocage tutorial.

    Good idea, curating a best of the week list!

  2. Toujours un excellent travail!

  3. Thanks for the link to Dr Moebius, great work!

  4. thanks Seb!

    gilles "the jester's marotte"

  5. Nice choices Seb - honoured you liked my Indian infantry. (They're Hindus, rather than Sikhs though) ;-)


  6. Thanks for this post Queader! Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..