Wednesday 2 July 2014

My tournament in Normandy-part I

Hello everyone. Here it is, the first part of my Art de la guerre tournament. My army faced an Indian army. Lots of fun during that game. And by the way, the V3 of the rules should be published in September OFFICIALLY, both in French and English. We are testing the changes, which sound promising.

Salut a tous. Voici donc mon premier compte-rendu du tournoi de Montivilliers. Syracuse affronte les Indiens. On s'est franchement bien amuses. Et on va tester les changements de la V3 de la regle, qui va sortir en septembre.



  1. De l'humour, de belles photos (sauf à la fin!), de superbes figurines, que demander de plus? Au fait, les champignons, comestibles?
    Super boulot!

  2. Super rapport.
    Seules deux questions me viennent :
    pourquoi nous infliger cette musique ? :)
    tu attaches vraiment tes généraux à tes troupes légères ?!? T'as pas froid aux yeux, toi !

    Vivement la suite.

  3. Excellent report!

    And hooray for the English version. I have been following the progress of getting the rules into English for 5 years now. Google translate has been my friend for awhile. The rules seem like my set and battle reports seem to confirm it. I am very much looking forward to them. No pressure!

    1. Thanks Shaun. We are currently testing the possible changes for the coming version. They look interesting

  4. I am very much looking forward to them. No pressure!