Saturday 19 July 2014

Paint Table Saturday: ready for the holidays

Hi everyone.

I told you I had picked up my brushes once again. Today is a bit special, since I'm going for three weeks in places where I won't be able to be connected. But at the same time, I should have enough spare time to paint a bit. I have therefore prepared some stuff:

A small batch of 16 Xyston hoplites  I inted to paint as some sort of black guard, of some tyrant. And next, a s***load of Romans, from Old Glory and Essex. They were amongst my first minis, at a time when you had to buy what you could lay your hands on.... But more importantly, why Romans!!!! I keep saying that I hate Romans. Well, they're for my Spartacus army, and some other projects too ;)

See you in a bit more than 3 weeks.


  1. Lots to keep you busy there Seb.

  2. Enjoy the holiday and will look out for the results


  3. I look forward to seeing these finished when you get back from the wilderness. enjoy your holiday :)

  4. Bonnes vacances ! et bonne peinture ....
    à bientôt !

  5. Hope you have a great and safe holiday, Seb. Get lots of painting done but also get some rest.

  6. Hola
    Madre mia que mesa te as preparado
    seguro que no te aburres
    Estaré a tentó
    un saludo