Thursday 17 July 2014

Syracuse versus Bosphorans: the third episode in my epic saga

Hello everyone.

Being on holidays at your parents' home has a certain appeal: food, nice change of scenery, big garden, and lots of free time without your child...

I've prepped a lot of minis to paint this coming weeks, and I also take time to create videos about my games. Those batreps take a bit of time to do, but I really enjoy doing it. I hope you do too.

Anyway, this time, I played against Karoline, a very nice young woman from Northern France. Though young, she is experienced, and I knew my Syracusan army would be in for a tough game.


  1. Enorme! Super boulot, Seb!!

  2. Désolé pour le retard, j'étais en Irlande...en je me précipite donc pour te féliciter de ce super boulot, une fois de plus. Et bravo à Caroline, on sait tous que ce n'est pas facile de survivre dans ce monde de brutes!

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