Thursday 5 January 2012

On my way to China

No, I won't go to China at the moment; I just meant the real beginning of my chinese army. I told you I had three more bases underway, well, here they are. I'll do the basing once the full unit will be painted.

I quite like them, but the thing is I received an army list, made by a friend (thanks Gilles), and, as you can see below, there are no bow skirmishers... 

(click to enlarge)
Damned. And no, there are no bow units in the full list either... Re-damned. Bah, They will be count as crossbows... I mean who cares? They're just nicely painted minis, aren't they? As you can see, I have quite a lot of work to do before completing this army.

Salut à tous. Je l'avais promis, les voici, les 3 autres socles de tirailleurs chinois. Je ferai les socles dès que j'aurai terminé l'unité. Car comme vous le voyez, j'ai récupéré une liste (merci Gilles) et il faut 6 socles. Le truc, il n'y a pas un seul archer, que des arbalétriers, damned. Bon, pas grave, j'en ferai un proxy, du moment qu'elles sont agréables à regarder. Du coup, j'ai du boulot pour peindre tout ça. Hop, je prends mes pinceaux et mes baguettes.


  1. C'est vrai que ce serait dommage de s'en priver, de ces beaux archers...

  2. That's what comes of being an eager beaver, I haveto admit to doing this soooooooooooo many times