Monday 21 April 2014

Choices of the week #16

Once more unto the brush, my friends!
Seven weeks after the last ones, I'm on holidays with my daughter, enjoying the sun with my parents. It has therefore been a bit chaotic to catch up with all the blogs for the past few days, but here we are. Just for you, I take the time to do it, although I should paint the army I'll play next week-end. Fortunately for me, 40% was already painted, here and there in other army boxes. But still. i have a lot to do, and I'm certainly rushing it. Anyway, back to the past week best posts.

Belote, rebelote et dix de der. Me voila de nouveau en vacances chez mes parents avec ma fille, profitant du soleil et du temps libre. A cause du voyage, ce fut un peu chaotique, et j'ai pris du retard dans la lecture des blogs, mais je rattrape le temps. Et pis, il me faut aussi peindre une armee pour un tournoi dans une semaine. Heureusement, j'en ai deja environ 40% de pret, en piochant par-ci par-la. Bon, faut pas que je traine, et ca va etre bacle, mais je devrais y arriver.

Let's start the review with an announcement. Kev and Andrew have started a painting service. Give the quality painting they've shown us, it should hopefully work:

Now, with the batreps.
First, a very nice battle set in 1813, between France and Prussia, in 28mm:
And to be honest, go see Vinnie's blog this week, it deserves a special mention. Lots of great stuff published this week:

Next, you have a battle during the Sengoku Jidai:

 And James is still playing his Zorndorf scenario:

Simon's rules have been put succesfully to the test, with Spartans and Macedonians:

Finally, we have a battle opposing Koreans and Japanese during the Imjin war:

Massive Voodoo has made a nice article about wasteland basing:

Saxon Dog has published a WIP of his WSS officer, no it's not finished...:

Pilje has done a wonderful scratch-built 28mm house, with a step-by-step. So, enjoy:

And now for the minis. We'll start with some stunning 28mm Sci-fi:
and a nice mini for Sedition wars:

A DBA 15mm army about th eItalian condotta. Always nice to watch, even though apparently Essex did some mistakes:

What you have now are 15mm Poles from the Legion of the Vistula. i don't like the basic basing, but the paint job is good:

Ian has done it again, with more 6mm Napoleonics for his project:

 Curt has painted a great 15mm Stug in winter camo plus some Panzergrenadieren. i just love Stugs:

And you have some 28mm mounted Numidians. Just go there for the shields:

A nice vignette representing Napoleon at the battle of Reims, in 1814:

There! I can now go back to my brushes. I need a lot of painted minis.

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