Saturday 12 April 2014

My not-gone-to-Salute paint table Saturday

Hi everyone. If you don't know today's is one of the most important for us gamers, where do you live? Indeed, many wargamers have gone to the Excel center in East London,to attend to Salute 2014. Lucky you. I won't go this year, partly because I'd like some family time, and partly because, even if I'm dying to meet my friends and bloggers pals, and play some games, I don't feel happy to go, don't know why. Must be the weather.

Anyway. I'll spare some cash and some free time to paint a bit, hopefully. And since we're Saturday, let's see what I have on my painting table:

Some Essex and Xyston Greeks, for an army I intend to play at a tournament in 2 weeks. Though it looks like it will be another period. Ah well. My ACW stuff is almost finished (only the flqgs and tufts to apply).



  1. Joli boulot et surtout...Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for participating! I added your link to my blog post!
    Greetings, Sofie

  3. Salute was a bit disappointing in terms of eye candy games this year I'd say, although it was good to meet up with a load of bloggers.

  4. Blaming the British weather - for shame, sir ;)

    It could be worse, it could be blowing a sandstorm from the Sahara!


  5. The worst thing I brought home was a sore foot and back pain!

  6. bon ben "temps pis" alors pour Salute !
    peut-être que j'irai un jour ...
    au moins tu n'es pas resté les bras croisés !