Monday 28 April 2014

Choices of the week #17

Hello everyone. I'm back from the tournament, and it felt good to meet people playing the same game, in a good mood, sometimes talking nonsense. I managed to finish my army in the nick of time, doing the flocking in my hotel room on Friday night. Here is the proof:

I played a Syracusan army, with more or less success. I'll tell you more about it later, I still have the pics to sort out. And now, I have to paint some stuff for another tournament next week-end, in Lyon. Yepee. But before that, let's do our weekly review. At least, if our internect connection allows me to do it... Bugger

We'll start with the batreps, with first the battle of Falkirk in 15mm, on a nice table:

Then , still in the lace and flouncy shirts, a test of Ga Pa during the War of Spanish Succession:

A bit of ACW with the battle of the Stones river:

Next, not purely wargame related, but still interesting, two bloggers have posted a series on specific subjects. First Matt's posts about Ypres:

And the, the Big Lee, with his series about historical stuff worth seeing in Dorset:

Paul explains his simple method to get an effective base for your minis:

Next, Ecclesiastes has made some Islands. You might want to check them out.

And Comi Mec has done some great wooden fences:

Now for the eye-candy. French Phil is showing the napoleonic 15mm Prussians. And you always like his presentation work:

Thanks to Oscar, I've found this greatly painted house Lannister in 28mm:

After having seen Dave's latest work in 54mm, you might want to watch the 7 mercenaries:

Maxson has built and painted a nice 15mm Da Vinci tank:

And Yori has painted some lovely 15mm Numidians:

I really like Hetairoi's brushwork in 10mm, and his trolls are good:

And finally, Feodalfig is showing us the work of a possible promising painter, who has done some WW2 stuff for him (Erm)

Ok, back to my brushes and the camera


  1. Two tourneys in two weeks? Lucky man! Good luck in Lyon.

  2. Good luck in the next tourney, That's dedication getting them finished and only water for refreshment


    1. Yup, only water. After a 6h drive, i didn't want any real beverage ;)

  3. Tu viens à Lyon alors que je pars en vacances? Bon, à une autre fois, merci pour le lien et encore bravo pour ce bonne chance à Lyon!

  4. Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..