Monday 12 May 2014

Choices of the week#18

First of all, my sincere apologies for not having published my weekly review last Monday. But to be fair, I had just come back home from France, with my daughter, and after a two days tournament.
This week was also very quiet after my painting frenzy, and also because I can't play the lonely caveman when my in-laws are with us, can I? So It's now time to resume our routine, and I assure you I will post a lot more, since I have a lot to show you, and a lot of batreps to write down.

Here we go

Bon, tout d'abord, mes plus plates excuses pour ne pas avoir publie la semaine derniere, mais a mon credit, je venais juste de rentrer de France, avec ma fille, et apres deux jours de tournoi. Bref, un poil claque le Seb. Et apres toute cette frenesie de peinture, je ne me sentais pas de blogger immediatement, surtout qu'en plus, avec mes beaux-parents presents, jouer au solitaire, ca le faisait pas vraiment. Donc, cette fois, tout est normalement pare pour la reprise. On y va.

I'll start with two giveaways, which are very tempting. The first one is from Andrew Loki, and the other one from the ever talented Tamsin.

And before really starting, welcome to Dai Dead (blog?). I'm almost at 200 followers...

Now, let's start this week with the batreps, shall we?
Scrivsland gratifies us with a spiffing battle in 28mm, set during the American War of independance:

Jay has been publishing form time to time, a rather unusual series, and here is the latest episode:

When super-heroes and villains meet in the Arctic, this is what you get:

Prufrock played a nice battle of Zama:

Phil has painted some really nice WW1 scenery:

Now a bit of Sci-Fi with some Orks in 15mm. Lots of conversion work:

Dwartist is building the Dreamforge APC. Dear me, he's good:

Now for the eye-candy:
Lt Hazelorov has just finished painting an Italian tank, and a stunning British 2pdr. I just discovered his blog, and my, is the guy talented:

Michael, of Victorian, has painted a 28mm Russian battery for the Crimean war. I love them:

Stuart has done some Landsknecht vignettes. I'm really tempted to fall into those Pro Gloria minis:

Arindel, a French blogger, has painted a small 15mm Gallic army. He doesn't feel extatic about them. I'd like to prove him wrong:

Dave has painted a Sci-Fi medic. Rather unusual wouldn't you say:

John has done his alter-ego for Saga. Good luck to his band:

Paul is showing us his friend's Tyranid army. It's a very clean job, and I like the red:

Manel is doing a 15mm Thracian army. At the moment, only a base of cavalry is done, but it's promising:

Javier has started an X-COM project, in 28mm. He started with the humans:


  1. More great picks Seb, I am honoured to be amongst them.

  2. merci seb pour tout ça
    hâte de voir tes cr de tournois
    j'espere que ton apn va mieux
    et je ne sais pas où tu vas chercher tout ça, je me permet de prendre tous les sites 15 mm pour les mettre sur les liens de mon blog
    à bientôt

    1. Non, il ne va pas mieux. Je vais les contacter pour le changer.
      Et pour les sites en 15mm, je t'en prie, fais-toi plaisir

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog. Just let you know my X-Com little project started with the Aliens but not with the ones form the PC Game but from THW's 5150 universe. Here you can see some of them: (scroll down)

  4. Suis en retard, suis en retard...bon je jette un coup d’œil, bravo par avance, je sais que ton boulot est toujours nickel...

  5. Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..