Monday 26 May 2014

Choices of the week #20 and celebration

First of all, Thanks to Gregory Geilman, I'm now over 200 followers! Thanks everyone!

Now, onto the review, under a rainy day... It might be the day I finally pick up my brushes, again, after a month...

Let's start with the batreps, shall we?
Colin is doing a multi-part batrep set in 1866, using 25mm: 

Next, a steampunk battle, with tanks and armoured troops. Yay!: 

Next, Dave shows us a wonderful table about the battle of Otterburn:

Then, Jan is proving us that a charge of knights can win a battle, during his game of Brouwershaven: 

And finally, Yori is telling us a nice story, in which there is only war, during the Franco-Indian war: 

Now, in terms of wips and miscellanous stuff, we'll start with Danmer, continuing his presentation of Lion Rampant. More and more tempting: 

Next, Justin has to paint 120* 15mm British paras, and he's showing us how to do it: 

Derek has painted some very nice WW2 buildings, made by a French (yes!) 

Eric is still building his 28mm church: 

Matt is showing us his simple, but always practical way of basing minis: 

And it's time for the eye-candy.
 I'll start with our beloved Anne, who painted a nice modern adventurer:

Next, we have some gritty 28mm tsarist infantry:

A bit of Sci-Fi, where there is always war, with an Avatar of Khaine. I like the glowing effet:

Some excellent Covenanter in 28mm:

Gunfreak has painted some very nice WSS stuff:

And Dalauppror has painted some great Swedes:

And to finish, some great 28mm turcopoles:

Now it's time to think about what to prepare...


  1. Encore de bien belles adresses! Et bravo pour les 200...201 membres!

  2. Félicitations, avec le blog je n'ai pas trop le temps de parcourir les blogs, merci pour cette liste de lectures toujours intéressantes.


  3. Very many congratulations on the milestone Seb.


  4. Thanks for your information, now in this new version there are so many new feature and bugs fix.