Thursday 3 May 2012

Phew! You guys need a wash

As I told you last time, I didn't think I could paint last Tuesday, because I would be out tutoring a A-level student. Yup, I was right because I was home at 10PM. But yesterday I managed to get my bowmen unit ready for washing and inking. As you can see, nothing too fancy:

So, two steps to go and they'll be done. Great. I should then think about future plans:

- base the four medieval units
- finish the Roman cavalry (the shields need to be done, and then basing)
- paint some Nappy
- paint the Roman camp and fortifications.

I'll think about the rest next week. Cheers

Comme je vous l'avais dit, faire des cours de soutien le soir, c'est sympa, mais ca empeche de peindre, surtout quand on rentre a 22h. Bref, hier je me suis rattrape et j'ai termine les bases des archers. Il ne reste plus qu'a encrer/washer, puis eclaircir et baser. Pour la suite, petit programme de peinture, a objectifs modestes. On verra si je tiens.


  1. The project is coming along really good.

  2. Ca commence à prendre forme...

  3. Quelle productivité !

    Quand veux-tu commencer la POM Saga ?

  4. Thanks a lot guys.
    @ Durutti: reponse en commentaire sur ton blog;)