Monday 14 May 2012

We don't need no education...

-I have a cunning plan sir
-Baldrick I'm exhausted, so, unless this cunning plan of yours is as warm as a blanket and comforting as a French lady's bosom, I think you can pin it in your Family's cunning plan history book and leave it there until it smells as good as your hat.
-What's a book sir?

There, at last! I finished painting the fort and varnished it yesterday evening. It might look as is if it took me some time to do it, but now I also work on Sunday mornings! Oh the joy of teaching students about to pass their exams. Still, it's easy money for me, so I won't complain, and besides, it'll be over in a month. Now, without any further discussion, here it is: as you can see, I just need to add the flock on the earth parts, and voila.

Enfin, il est termine. Le fort romain a ete vernis hier soir. Ca m'a pris au total quelques jours pour une peinture simple, mais bon, je travaille, et notamment le dimanche matin, pour faire reviser des eleves qui paniquent avant le bac. Heureusement tout sera fini dans un mois, et puis ca fait toujours des sous en plus pour se payer des nouvelles armees. Il ne me reste plus qu'a rajouter du flocage sur la terre apparente et hop, finito.


  1. And very nice it looks too!!!!

  2. What a splendid result! Fantastic work Sir!

  3. Déjà avant le flocage il est superbe, alors après...

  4. Thank you, thank you. Oh you make me blush ;)

    @ Phil: merci du compliment

  5. I'm really looking forward to seeing this used in a game. It's coming together nicely!

    1. well, unfortunately you won't,because it's a commission work :(

  6. well done, the fort looks fantastic now. Looking forward to seeing it with figures. :)