Thursday 17 May 2012


-My lord, I'm ready to do everything to get this minis done.
-Everything lady Farrow? I think I can arrange it in a most pleasant way.
-Good, otherwise the Queen said she would chop your head off.

24+1 minis to go heh. Mind you, it's not that big a deal. But I'm sure you all know this feeling, when you're about to finish a project, you tend to get slower... Yup, I might struggle a bit for this lot. I'm fed up with Romans at the moment. Anyway, I managed to put the skin and brown base colours. But for the rest, I think I'll divide the lot in two. Much easier in  my eyes. See you. Oh, and tonight it's off to the club to get another game of Art de la guerre: 4 players. Yay! Everyone wants to try it!

Bon, en theorie, 24+1 figos, ca devrait etre rapide. C'est juste que j'eprouve un certain sentiment, que vous devez sans doute connaitre, a l'approche de la fin d'un projet... Bref, je vais plus lentement. Le truc, c'est que j'en ai maintenant ma claque des Romains. Du coup, si j'ai passe les bases chair et marron sur l'ensemble, je vais diviser mon trvail en deux groupes, ca devrait aller mieux. Et demain, hop, nouvelle partie ADG au club. Youpi!


  1. Two lots of 12 are definitely easier to paint than 24 figures in one go. Have a great game!

  2. I'd even go with 3 batches of 8, good luck with the game!

  3. Never fear - it's only the end of project blues. You've still got unpainted lead so you aren't at risk of death ;)