Wednesday 28 December 2011

Those buggars are finished, at last!

I'm not alking about my Carthaginian army, which is about to be completed, but just about two bases I couldn't finish. I had started those two light horse units in march! But I never was very motivated to continue and finish them, always something else on the menu. so, at last I can say, they're finished. I had to rush the painting a bit, because I'm beginning to be fed up with Carthage at the moment, and there will be two, no three big projects for the coming year, but more on that later. Here they are:

Ca ne vous arrive pas, parfois, d'avoir dse trucs que vous n'arrivez pas à peindre? J'avais commencé ces zigues au mois de mars, et avec les différents projets en cours je n 'ai jamais eu la motivation suffisante pour les terminer. Bref, ils trainaient. Je les ai donc peints rapidement pour en finir une bonne fois pour toute, et entrevoir la fin de l'armée carthaginoise.

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