Saturday 3 March 2012

How long until we're dry?

Hey. I must say having finished one big project didn't affect my painting resolution. I'm still enjoying it, so I continue on my way to complete the Roman army. I just finished painting and varnishing the clibanarii, and have let them to dry during the night. As you can see, I tried to give the unit a bit of colour, yet the "Romans" are still uniformed. Tomorrow, they'll be sanded and flocked.

Je dois vous avouer que j'avais un peu peur de me demotiver apres la fin de mon projet chinois. Il n'en est rien pour le moment, et je continue donc tranquillement. Les clibanaires sont donc termines, et malgre leur aspect uniforme, j'ai essaye de mettre un peu de couleur. Sacres Romains. Demain, je m'occuperai de les baser correctement, car pour le moment, le vernis. A+