Thursday 22 March 2012

Drinks on me!

Hurray! Long live King... Who is he? A teacher? Erm Hurray!, anyway... Bloody annoying

There. I had an interview this morning, well not really an interview, more something like "this is how we work. Do you want to give lessons? Erm, yes? Ok, sign here" So, I now have a job, but I'll be payed only if there children who need me... Come on little fellas, come to teacher Seb. Still, better than nothing, I'll earn a bit of cash, and i can still prouve I'm working, in case I want to apply to another job.

Et hop. Voila, mon entretien s'est bien passe et j'ai donc enfin du boulot, enfin... quand des parents d'eleves estimeront qu'ils ont besoin de moi. Allez, allez les petits, faites confiance au prof! Ca me fera youjours un peu de sous en attendnat de trouver un autre boulot.


  1. Well Done on the Job. Much easier to get that next job once you have one in the first place.

    Hope it leads to exactly what you want


  2. Bravo! Courage pour la suite, on a enfin reconnu tes qualités, ils vont bien te faire confiance...dans peu de temps.

  3. bravo en espérant que tu trouves un vrai taff rapidement même si cela veut dire moins de temps à passer à peindre :)

  4. Congratulations and well deserved.

  5. First step! Congrats!

    Sebs first lesson..."Ok children, who here has heard of the Han Dynasty? Who here has played Field of Glory?!"

  6. You can always use then to varnish your minis. Congratulations

  7. Congrats!

    "Hands up who can paint 15mm miniatures to a good tabletop standard? 2 of you? Excellent - you've passed the course, provided you complete these battle groups by the end of the lesson"

  8. Tamsin idea sound a good one!!!

    good to start again somewhere- good luck