Friday 30 March 2012

A Thirty Years War Paintlog#2

I feel so happy for them. At least they'll have nice little hats and nice little pants. They might even be clean...

Not so much to show today, sadly, simply because yesterday I was at the club, playing a game of Blitzkireg Commander. Yes you'll have a batrep, be nice. So, in the meantime, I layered parts of the base colours: Calthan Brown, Khemri Brown and Tallarn Flesh. Yes I like GW Foundation paints, and F**** for their change in names.

Pas grand progres a vous montrer aujourd'hui, simplement parce qu'hier j'etais au club pour une partie de Blitzkrieg Commander. Vous aurez un CR si vous etes gentils. DOnc, je n'ai fait simplement qu passer quelques couleurs de base, et pis c'est tout.


  1. A good start, do you not undercoat your figures??

    1. No, I don't: if in black, I don't see the details, and I don't like undercoating in white. I could do it in brown, but then what's the point when almost nothing will be brown?

  2. On est gentil...donc on attend le CR!

  3. Those Thirty Years War figures are coming along nicely Seb

  4. Oui on est tout gentil :)