Thursday 16 May 2013

How to brighten your day.

Okay everyone. Before today's draw result, two annoucements.

First, Scotty, you haven't contacted me yet to give me your adress so I can post your prize.

Second, my club mate Tamsin has reached the 100k hits mark, and so has started a 5 days giveway to celebrate. Go see her blog it's worth it. Ok, you already know that, but it's just a way for me to get extra chances.

Third. I know many of you noticed a glitch in my blog yesterday, seeing, amongst other things, a nice redhead girl. Well, it's simple, I had guessed that Tamsin would have reached the mark and therefore started a giveaway. So I had prepared something, before deleting it. That's why it happened. Sorry for the disturbance.

Now, back to the draw. My friend Random will make someone else happy today. Let's see which one of you will get the prize:

Well, congratulations Fran! I think the server heard your whining and answered your prayers ;) You've won the GZG vehicules and bits. Hurray!

Sorry Fran, couldn't resist ;)

Just contact me at 

And remember people, there are three prizes to win tomorrow!


  1. he wants to know what he won!

    1. Updated! It's the GZG 15mm stuff he desperatly wanted ;)

    2. I knew what the prize was, Ray is an idiot as well as a blog whore and I forgive you Seb.....winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  2. Congrats Fran!

    and thanks for the pimping Seb! :)

  3. Congratulations to fran... I have to ask. Is that double screen set-up so you can put on some special glasses and see the young lady pictured in 3D?

  4. Congrats Fran. Never underestimate the power of whining. It's how my son gets what he wants.

  5. It's your D-Day Francis ! Congratulations !

  6. Well done Fran, maybe now you will stop moaning about Ray getting all the prizes? ;-)