Sunday 9 March 2014

Choices of the week #10

Ah well. No post yesterday. But it's perfectly understandable, since first I was at work for the day, and, the weather was so nice. It was today too, and frankly, staying indoors was a pain, while the sun was shining. So, out we went. But now, night has fallen, and I can finally go back to my dear blog and chronicle.

Ben voila, pas de post hier, j'ai profite du soleil, du moins quand je ne bossais pas, car j'etais en formation. ET hop, rebelote aujourd'hui, beau soleil, du coup, on est sorti tant qu'on a pu. Mais me revoila.

First of all, and I'll break all the conventions and stop the press rolling, yesterday there was a Studio Tomahawk day in France, where we could discover Alex's next games: Crusades, WW1 and I'm not sure about the last, Africa.
You have some pics there:

Ok, let's now start with the batreps.
Jim has started once again publishing posts about his campaign in a imaginary but modern Africa, to use with AK-47 rules.
Check it out:

Next we have a Flames of War batrep, mimicking the battle of Mons in 1914. Yup, some fans are testing some rules.
If you're interested

A bit of lace and an 18th century mega battle, just to feast your eyes;
over here

Just because I love his blog, and you know it I'm sure, James has published another battle during his Punic War campaign 

You don't see the rules that often, so it's worth a look, a batrep of By Fire and Sword:

Finally, Paul had painted his minis,
and now he gets to play with them

A bit out of topic, but if you like Star wars, and have a daughter,
go there:

I know the rules have been out for while, but never managed to read a proper review. So if you want to know more about War and Conquest,
it's over there.

Now, time for the minis.

First, some inoffensive criquet players... fo a VBCW.
Or are they?

There is only one Duke,
and John is his name.

between minis, a wonderfully scratchbuilt tower.

Next, we have, in 1/72, some great samurai armies.

A superb Nomad camp, in 15mm,
from Lurkio

And, to finish the week, a nicely executed M20 in 1/72.
Very nice, and also useful for wargaming

To finish this week reveiw, an out-of the ordinary post:
The South London Warlords had an intern painting comp, and here are the results


  1. Toujours de très bons choix!

  2. Cheers again Seb some good links there. Could I ask that you paste the link - it tells me see if I've already read it (as we follow a lot of the same blog, naturally!)

    1. Thanks Phyllion. Next time I'll do it your way ;)