Saturday 29 March 2014

Paint Table Saturday #7

I'm finally back to the brushes! After many days without the energy to do it, I took the time to prepare everything for some, hopefully regular evening sessions.

So, what do we have today:

This should keep me busy for the week

Reinforcements for my brigade. Just some touch-ups to do.

More reinforcements, but on a early stage

I have an Art de la Guerretournament in a month, and I need to paint some troups


  1. Enjoy your painting, and tournament! I''d love to have a look at Art de la Guerre, if only I could read French. ;-)

  2. En voilà une bonne nouvelle...on va suivre tout ça, t'as intérêt à ne pas laisser tomber en route!

  3. Hola
    Un gran regreso,con buenas minis
    un saludo

  4. au boulot feignassou !
    la normandie ça se prépare ;)
    à bientôt