Tuesday 25 March 2014

[Longstreet] ACW- US regulars

What you have here are 31 US regulars in 15mm from Old Glory. Obviously, the references are from the Iron brigade for a simple reason: Sykes was commanding the regulars at Bull Run, and afterwards, when he took command of the soon-to-be Iron brigade, he ordered the men under his command to follow the regulars' regulations.

Qu'avons-nous ici? Tout simplement 31 reguliers appartenant a l'armee federale lors de la bataille de Bull Run. J'ai recupere des references Old Glory en rapport avec l'Iron brigade, tout simplement parce que leurs uniformes sont a l'origine de ceux de l'IB.


I have added a few wounded/ dead in action to represent the unit attacking the Rebs, as they did at Bull Run, before covering the rout. The flags have been downloaded and printed. The blue might be too light, but the varnish seems to have "whitened" it a bit.

Je me suis permis de rajouter quelques pertes par-ci par-la, afin de representer l'unite avancant face aux Confederes, ce qu'ils firent avant de couvrir la debacle de l'Union. Le bleu apparait trop clair, et le vernis semble les avoir eclarcis un peu. Pas grave, car pour le moment, ils sont a la hauteur de leur reputation.

So far, they haven't disappointed me, and fought valiantly, as true regulars would ;)