Sunday 2 March 2014

Choices of the week #9

Wow. I'm now entering the third month of this weekly exercise. I quite enjoy itand some of you clearly like it too. Thanks a lot. It's a bit of work, but worth the efforts. I'm back from my holidays, and so are many of you, since we're back to the usual 800-ish posts. But before going back, let us savour this moment. Here we go.

Si on me l'avait dit je ne l'aurais pas cru. J'entame le troisieme mois de cette chronique hebdo, et son succes ne se dement pas. Je suis de retours de vacances et apparemment je ne suis pas le seul, car on est a nouveau a 800 posts. Avant de repartir au boulot demain, je savoure ce moment de relecture de mes articles preferes, et je vous les fais partager. Allons-y.

First of all, before revealing the wonders of the week, either historical, sci-fi or fantasy,a warm welcome to j.d, a wonderful painter, and moipasfou, a great painter and scenics builder too .

Let's start with the scenics, shall we? And first, a wonderful home-made gladiatorial arena. You can buy it if you want.

Then, some truly inspiring post-apocalyptic features:

If you want some batreps,  I have some for you, with first a family day, with everyone enjoying games of Song of Blades and Heroes:

Then a bit of ACW:

Not really a batrep, yet, because you only have pictures, but honestly, this first day of Gettysburg is worth a look. Wargamer porn here:

More porn with a quick but mouth-watering batrep from Simon, about Chaeronea (Pontus against Rome):

And the usual follow-up of James' Punic War campaign. Death to the Romans:

You want a bit of Ronin? No problem, you can have some:

More Ancients, with another attack on Rome, from Epirus:

And now, the eye-candy part. I spotted a lot of interesting painted minis, but those lots really caught my eyes. We'll start with a bit of non-historical, with a very nice undead army:

And then some Empire Knights panther:

And some Vostroyans. I like the colours' combination:

What you have now is a very nice tutorial on how to paint splinter camo:

Some nice 28mm Celtiberians:

Something you don't see that often: Dropzone Commander:

If you're into gory stuff, don't go any further. Michael has done a wonderful Whitechapel dio:

And Lee has gone for a Mayan tradition:


  1. Thank you for the shout out Seb, very kind of you.

    1. You're welcome. And I think you'll have another one soon ;)

  2. This is a good idea and nice of you to give a shout out to your fellow gamers.

    1. Well, it is, and very rewarding, though time-consuming

  3. Yeah. Keep doing this. It takes me to some cool places.