Monday 27 February 2012

Almost done

Painting in an "industrial" way can be interesting, especially if the minis are easy to paint. Which is the case from those. I just finished the last highlights and they've been varnished. So, I think they should be ready tomorrow.

J'avais oublie a quel point peindre a la chaine pouvait valoir le coup parfois, surtout si les figs sont faciles a peindre. C'est le cas pour celles-ci car il ne me reste plus qu'a socler le tout. L'unite devrait etre prete demain normalement.


  1. Production line painting is easy for uniformed troops, but gets slightly more complicated for tribal/irregular troops like my Sarmatians.

    For my next army I might try painting them on their eventual bases, but that could be awkward with cavalry, particularly the Donnington figures (which are on the larger side of 15mm it seems).

    1. ps - this unit is looking really good :)

    2. Thanks Tamsin. I'm really looking forward to see what your next army will be