Tuesday 21 February 2012

you-houuu, no Wu-Hu

Hello everyone. My daughter's fine now, so I can now be back on the blogging work. Though she was sick , I was still able to paint, so today I present you my new unit, the light horse from the nomadic tribe of the creamy sheep. Why the creamy sheep? Well, those guys were famous as horse bowmen, and they were all ridin over creamy sheep's wool saddles, so it was the name they were given. Ok, not so warlike, but never say that in front of them, you'll regret it ;) This time, the minis are from Old Glory. I must say I like them a lot. Though they only have three different rider poses, there were 6 different horses, so I think I managed to get a lot of different poses alltogether. To follow, more troups, of course, but fisrt the long awaited batreps, sorry about that.

Bon, ma fille va mieux, donc me voici de retour. J'ai quand meme pu continuer a peindre tranquillement, et voici donc les archers a cheval de la tribu nomade du mouton cremeux. Ok, c'est un nom a priori pourave, mais ne vous y fiez pas. Ceux qui se moquaient d'eux ont mal termine. Ce nom leur vient simplement de leur selle, faite de laine de mouton, c'est tout. Les figs viennent de chez Old Glory, et franchement, c'est du tout bon, car il y avait trois poses differentes de cavaliers, et surtout six poses differentes de chevaux. Bref, de la bonne variete quoi. A suivre, d'autres troupes, et surtout mes rapports de bataille.


  1. Creamy Sheep??.....sounds like a French soup! Great painting Sir!!

  2. Superbe Armée en cours, ca donne vraiment envie!

  3. Creepy Sheam? *grin*

    Another fabulous unit for your Qin army