Sunday 26 February 2012

Reinforcements on the way

I've now officially painted more than 650 points for my FOG army. Shame on me I didn't want at first to spend more than required. Ah well. So I've almost finished a unit of mixed troups, from Museum minis, the one I started especially for my game against TAmsin. The only difference: it has 8 bases instead of 6. Next steps: the last highlights, then varnish then basing.

Voila, je me suis officiellement laisse emporter, car j'ei maintenant plus de 650 points FOG, alors que je ne voulais pas trop depenser... Voici donc une nouvelle unite mixte de chez Museum. Et c'est du lourd, car il y a 8 bases et non 6. Il ne me reste plus que quelques eclaircissements, le vernis et le soclage.


  1. Has the base of polearm troops recovered yet from the ignominy of being one of the only 2 bases I "killed" on Thursday? ;)

    More good looking figs there Seb. I guess after these it will be those wicker fences on your painting table?

  2. A quand une photo d'ensemble de ces splendides 650 points? Bon travail!

  3. tu es faible comme beaucoup d'entre nous :)
    oui il serait sympa d'avoir une photo d'ensemble