Saturday 18 February 2012

Medic! and some horses

Hi everyone. Well, I think my week-end will be somewhat busy doing something else: My daughter is sick, so first I've had to postpone my game against Tamsin, and then I think my painting speed will be slowed down. Oh well, my sweet and loving daughter first.

Then, I still managed to have enough spare time to prep another unit for my Chinese army: nomadic light horses, but this time fromn Old Glory.

Bon, week-end pertirbe, car ma fille est malade. Du coup, j'ai du annuler ma partie contre Tamsin et ses Sarmates, pour etre sur de bien m'occuper de ma pupuce adoree... Mais ce n'est que partie remise. En attendant, j'ai pu grapiller siffasemment de temps pour preparer une unite de cav legere des steppes, provenant de chez Old Glory.


  1. Poor girl!!, get well soon so Daddy can get back to the painting table!

  2. Seb - no probs about the postponement. I hope your daughter gets well quickly.

    I look forward to seeing these tribal light horse painted and on the table ;)

  3. Best wishes for your daughter and looking forward to seeing the mini's done.