Sunday 8 April 2012

Another one? Change of plans again

You know, if the Queen hears about it, She might be so furious you'll lose your head...

Right. I should never have moved to London... Indeed, my club is also about to start a medieval comp. And after having resisted the urge for some time, I finally let my guard down and entered it... So I've checked what I had in stock, and ordered some more minis... Which means I'll have to redo my painting planning:

1/ finish the Roman army, to get some cash and some space
2/ Paint some horse I'm about to receive ( painting commission, yes i think I'll take some if you're interested)
3/ Paint my medieval army
4/ Paint my SAGA warband
5/ Paint my French 30Ywar army
6/ Paint my modern French.

Gosh, I'll be busy

Je m'apercois que je n'aurais jamais du suivre ma femme. Apres avoir resiste pendant un certain temps, j'ai fini par craquer et j'ai decide de participer a un autre tournoi en interne, en medieval cette fois. J'ai donc fait le tour de ce que j'avais et ai commande du plomb supplementaire. Et comme vous pouvez le voir, j'ai refait mon planning de peinture...


  1. Yep, CLWC is a very bad influence. So far I'm managing to hold off on the medieval and Renaissance stuff, but I feel my resistance crumbling ;)

    However, I definitely won't even think about doing Naps until I've finished painting up everything I currently have :)

  2. Oh the pains of being a wargamer!!!!!! Looks like your gonna be pretty busy!!!