Thursday 5 April 2012

A Thirty Years War paintj.. you know what I'mtalking about #5

Woof! They look dashing! Not as dashing as I am, but they'll sure have some success in grey!

Following my first infantry unit, I've just started another one. This time, some dragoons. The mounted ones are from Museum Miniatures, and I must say I'm not impressed by their horses... They look... odd. 
Anyway, the grey is now done, as the basic layer of Scorched Brown on the horses... And of course the Flesh and the Regal Blue.

Apres ma premiere unite d'infanterie, j'ai donc attaque une nouvelle troupe, des dragons cette fois. Comme vous le voyez, j'ai deja passe une partie des couleurs de base: gris, chair, bleu fonce et marron sur les chevaux. A bientot pour la suite.