Saturday 5 December 2015

A lot on the painting front

Hello everyone. Today's post might be a bit brief, but who knows. Up until a few days ago, I was engaged in a French bloggers painting competition, an equivalent of Curt's challenge, of sorts, but a bit more modest, with 13 contestants.

It is now finished, but you can still visit it, and enjoy the eye candy. You can also vote for the bonus entries on the right panel, after having seen them. Here is the link :

 I could't manage to reach my goal, having painted half of what I wanted, but then I only painted from the second half of the period, sooo, not that bad.

Speaking of Curt, I've also entered this year's challenge, but with a very low goal, since I know I will be busy at that time of the year.

Tomorrow, I'll post the rest of my entries.

Oh, by the way. For those who play Ancients with 15mm, don't forget Forged in battle's last kickstarter, already funded, about Rome and its ennemies, and you can also add the other references. Not bad.

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Crimean war in 10mm: the Russian horde

Hello everyone.

I finally managed to take some time to write something down. My new job takes a lot of time, and finds me knackered at the end of the day. However, I paint from time to time, and I've decided to continue my 10mm project. What you will get today is 2 regiments of Russian hussars: Kiev and Ingermanland. The minis are from Magister militum, because Pendraken don't do them, sadly.  I've also added as an extra, two British heavy dragoons to represent Lord Scarlett.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

The Guards brigade

I decided to start with something really simple, the Guards brigade. It is a very symbolic unit, well-know for their resilience at Inkermann.

This brigade had three battalions, under General Bentick:
3rd Bat, Grenadier Guards
1st Bat, Coldstream Guards
1st Bat, Scots Guards

I used the Pendraken Guards, simply because they were easy to paint , in their greatcoats.  Sadly, there was only one standard bearer, so I made one little conversion cutting the rifle from one of the guards to replace it with a pin. It should do the trick.

Sorry about the surexposed pictures, but the light is a bit tricky today. Anyway, what you have here are 3 units of 3 bses each, which roughly equals to 2700 men, according to my rules. They would also be rated as Elite for morale purposes, equipped with rifles. As for special abilities, they would be steadfast, and would probably have the good fire discipline. Tough hombres, but not very numerous. For instance, a snigle Russian regiment would be 12 bases strong. And a Russian brigade has two such regiments...