Saturday 21 March 2015

Romans, Thracians... It's all Greek to me: 15mm Ancients

First of all, even though I didn't do much during the challenge, a huge thanks to Curt for organizing this. I had misjudged the amount of work I had to do with my new job, and sadly never found enough time to paint.

Anyway,  I present you a lot of 15mm Ancients for Art de la Guerre. First, 26 Romans from Essex and Old Glory. The Roman mounted officer had been painted before and therefore won't count. Amongst those 26, 22 are legionaries with their shields handpainted. They can be used as allies, or rebellious Romans.

Voici quelques productions pour mes armees ADG, le tout en 15mm. Avec tout d'abord 26 legionnaires romains, Old GLory et Essex. Le but est de pouvoir en faire des rebelles ou allies. L'officier monte a ete peint auparavant.

Next, we have 6 Sarmatian horsemen, from Forged in battle. Always a treat to paint.

Puis, 6 archers montes venus de Forged in Battle.

Next, 16 hoplites, fron FIB, with LBMS shield decals.

Ajoutons egalement 16 hoplites,

And next, a lot of Thracians, from Forged in battle: 14 skirmishers, 10 of them having shields, with LBMS decals.

et avec ceci terminons avec le plat de resistance, des Thraces, avec 14 tirailleurs

And 12 footmen armed with the dreaded romphaia

et 12 mechants avec leur romphaia.

They have been bloodied already last week, and they won! No one messes with the Thracians!