Monday 23 December 2013

Medieval civilians-part two

Slightly more than 24 hours before Santa's coming. Everything is going to be pretty frantic, without a lot of painting. I have to relax a bit because I have an otitis and the medication is really strong for me (I'm not used to antibiotics). But on a lighter note, my in-laws are here to celebrate so it should be ok.

Un peu moins de 24h avant la venue de Papa Nowel. Je suppose que tout le monde va etre bien occupe, delaissant les pinceaux. De mon cote, je dois me reposer, car j'ai ecope d'une otite et le traitement est brutal pour mon systeme, car je n'ai pas l'habitude des antibios. Heureusement, ma belle-famille est la et devrait passer un bon moment.

Friday 20 December 2013

[Analogue Hobbies PC] Medieval civilians

Hi everyone. The painting challenge is finally on, and I was surprised to see entries published on the very first day. My goodness, some of you are fast. Some time ago, I had received from BigLee a parcel full of goodies I had won during his giveaway. I had chosen some medieval 28mm from PErry miniatures, carefully planning to use them during this challenge. I think it might pay off.

Salut a tous. Le challenge est enfin commence. J'ai astique mes pinceaux et je suis parti. J'ai ete tres surpris de voir des participants publier des oeuvres des le premier. Rien de dramatique, c'est juste que certains sont vraiment partis fort. Tiendront-ils la route? Il y a quelque temps, j'avais gagne des figs suite au giveaway organise par BigLee. J'avais opte pour des civils Perry, pensant qu'ils me serviraient pour ce challenge. Bien m'en prit.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Tick Tick- Final days before Curt's challenge

Am I ready for the challenge? Oh yeah! I've been prepping a lot these days ( as most of the challengers in fact). I still haven't finished priming everything, but it should be done shortly, at least I hope so. I intend to reach my 800 points goal this year, since I almost got it last year. So, what will I do? It's now time to write down a list:

There's only part of the primed stuff here.

- some medieval civilians in 28mm, From Perry. They were sent by Big Lee when I had won his giveaway draw. They will be perfect for the first themed bonus entry.

- Some Gladiators from Foundry

- The Franco-Indian war minis Loki sent me for the charity.

- A lot of 15mm ACW, for my Longstreet army. The guys at the club would like to start in January. Well they might not be entirely painted by then, but at least they will be based and therefore playable ;)

- the camp for my Carthaginian army. And it will be used as a bonus entry too.

- some Slaves in 15mm. I still haven't finished my Spartacus' army!!!!!

- the entry fee for the challenge. It could count as two bonus entries, if I do it well;)

- some biblical suff in 15mm, since I'd like to enter an Art de la guerre competition later in 2014.

On the gaming front, I played another game of Longstreet last week, and it was a blast. I played in 6mm and took some pictures. So, you can expect a battle report quite soon.

Monday 2 December 2013

War and Empire Kickstarter- Forged in battle

I had this kickstarter under close surveillance since it had been announced. And once on, I jumped on the wagon and pledged for my first kickstarter. Most of the time, it's all about impulse, the need to get a good deal, even though we would have to wait for many months before seing the final results. Well, the deals seemed tempting. So why oh why did I decide to pledge?