Monday 22 April 2013

My loot

First of all, I'll give you my long expected swag from Salute. Oh, Yeah, I've spent tons of cash, having to borrow heavily from my wife's account... She will kill me for sure... Not! Right, this was a poor attempt at Kazakh humour...

Really nice suit
To be honest, I had started a shopping list weeks ago, but after each passing, it grew thinner, simply because I've already everything I need. What, shocking! A wargamer always needs something! Well, given the space I have at home (already full) I couldn't get much. So I decided to be reasonnable. In the end, here is what I bought:

A few bases from Warbases, a blister from Foundry, and a very good deal from Simon: 42 28mm minis for 24£ ! Yay! And that's it. Less than 40 quids. Because I'm about to start a 28mm I need space, so at the same time, I'll start selling stuff. So watch this blog, I'll start soon enough. Oh, another reason. One of the comments about my pics from Salute said my camera tended to be slightly out of focus. He's right, I think it's slowly and painfully dying, after 10 good years of service. So I also need extra money to buy a new one.

Bonsoir a tous. Derriere la facade on ne peut plus amene de ces charmantes hotesses vous accueillant sur cette page, se cache une terrible verite: je suis devenu raisonnable, et je n'ai pas vraiment depense au Salute. J'ai deja ce dont j'ai besoin. Scandale! Un wargamer a toujours besoin de quelque chose! Ben non, justement. Apres mes achats Foundy sur Ebay, j'ai deja ce qu'il faut pour m'occuper pour un an je suppose. Et comme en plus je risque de manquer de place, je pense ouvrir rapidement une rubrique avec des trucs a vendre. Alors si vous voulez faire des affaires, surveillez les mises a jour.

Revenons a nos moutons kazaks. Au total, j'ai depense environ 40 livres, pour recuperer des bases chez Warbases, un blister Foundry, et 42 figs pour 24 livres a Simon.
Le genre de truc qu'on ne refuse pas quoi.

Parallement, il me faut economiser, car mon APN commence a rendre l'ame apres 10 de bons et loyaux services. Il devient difficile de faire des photos nettes meme a distance et reglages optimum. Bref, je me recentre.

Saturday 20 April 2013

Those who are about to spend... Salute 2013

I'm finally seated in front of the PC, trying to recollect everything that happened during the day. To be honest, even though I had payed my ticket in advance I didn't know if I could really go to Excel... My daughter is sick again, yay... Anyway, I got the green light from my wife and I arrived at 9.40Am. There I met Simon for a little transaction. But shhh, more on that later. The queue was just gigantic, but I was in at 10:10, which is good.

Hmm, that would be nice in the living-room...

Once there,  I was thinking how busy it was, and apparently many people I talked to had the same impression. Apparently it will be a great success. Well done Warlords. I also had the opportunity to meet 6mmPhil from the lead adventure forum, very nice chap. And at 1PM, I attented the bloggers meeting, where I saw Ray, Fran, Postie, Lee, Tamsin and Mike ( the whole rejects gang). But I also met Sydney, Mike number 2, and many more whose names I've already forgotten. I remember someone was from Prague. Sorry, I am bit tired after the long walk.

But I guess you're not here to read about my social life, you want some wargaming porn. First, the king of sandbagging:

 Ok fellas, here it is, a whole gallery. It's only part of the show, but those were in my eyes the best tables. Oh, and if anyon knows how to create a slideshow which can be imported on blogger, from Picasa, please tell me, I've tried to do it for more than 20min... Anyway. Enjoy: