Monday 23 December 2013

Medieval civilians-part two

Slightly more than 24 hours before Santa's coming. Everything is going to be pretty frantic, without a lot of painting. I have to relax a bit because I have an otitis and the medication is really strong for me (I'm not used to antibiotics). But on a lighter note, my in-laws are here to celebrate so it should be ok.

Un peu moins de 24h avant la venue de Papa Nowel. Je suppose que tout le monde va etre bien occupe, delaissant les pinceaux. De mon cote, je dois me reposer, car j'ai ecope d'une otite et le traitement est brutal pour mon systeme, car je n'ai pas l'habitude des antibios. Heureusement, ma belle-famille est la et devrait passer un bon moment.

Friday 20 December 2013

[Analogue Hobbies PC] Medieval civilians

Hi everyone. The painting challenge is finally on, and I was surprised to see entries published on the very first day. My goodness, some of you are fast. Some time ago, I had received from BigLee a parcel full of goodies I had won during his giveaway. I had chosen some medieval 28mm from PErry miniatures, carefully planning to use them during this challenge. I think it might pay off.

Salut a tous. Le challenge est enfin commence. J'ai astique mes pinceaux et je suis parti. J'ai ete tres surpris de voir des participants publier des oeuvres des le premier. Rien de dramatique, c'est juste que certains sont vraiment partis fort. Tiendront-ils la route? Il y a quelque temps, j'avais gagne des figs suite au giveaway organise par BigLee. J'avais opte pour des civils Perry, pensant qu'ils me serviraient pour ce challenge. Bien m'en prit.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Tick Tick- Final days before Curt's challenge

Am I ready for the challenge? Oh yeah! I've been prepping a lot these days ( as most of the challengers in fact). I still haven't finished priming everything, but it should be done shortly, at least I hope so. I intend to reach my 800 points goal this year, since I almost got it last year. So, what will I do? It's now time to write down a list:

There's only part of the primed stuff here.

- some medieval civilians in 28mm, From Perry. They were sent by Big Lee when I had won his giveaway draw. They will be perfect for the first themed bonus entry.

- Some Gladiators from Foundry

- The Franco-Indian war minis Loki sent me for the charity.

- A lot of 15mm ACW, for my Longstreet army. The guys at the club would like to start in January. Well they might not be entirely painted by then, but at least they will be based and therefore playable ;)

- the camp for my Carthaginian army. And it will be used as a bonus entry too.

- some Slaves in 15mm. I still haven't finished my Spartacus' army!!!!!

- the entry fee for the challenge. It could count as two bonus entries, if I do it well;)

- some biblical suff in 15mm, since I'd like to enter an Art de la guerre competition later in 2014.

On the gaming front, I played another game of Longstreet last week, and it was a blast. I played in 6mm and took some pictures. So, you can expect a battle report quite soon.

Monday 2 December 2013

War and Empire Kickstarter- Forged in battle

I had this kickstarter under close surveillance since it had been announced. And once on, I jumped on the wagon and pledged for my first kickstarter. Most of the time, it's all about impulse, the need to get a good deal, even though we would have to wait for many months before seing the final results. Well, the deals seemed tempting. So why oh why did I decide to pledge?

Friday 22 November 2013

Backtotheminis goes TV!

Ok, maybe not real TV, but I've posted my first video, detailling the paints I used for the British paras. It's now on Youtube, and since it's my first video, all comments are welcome. I'd like to make some more for you, but it's a bit of work. I'd like the experience to be as good as possible. You will also find it on Youtube. And from now on, all my video will be also found on my cookbook page.

PS: I've switched back to the blogger comment system. Less interactive, but more people can comment. Sadly I've lost the comments from Google+ which are not displayed, but hey! Everything to please you!

Voila, j'ai franchi le pas. Ce n'est pas encore la vraie tele, mais je viens de faire une video expliquant ma maniere de faire les paras anglais. Comme c'est ma premiere video, tout commentaire est le bienvenu. Certes elle est en anglais, mais tout y est tranquillement explique.  J'ai apprecie la faire et je me demande si je ne vais pas en faire une autre. Elle est dispo sur Youtube. Par ailleurs, toutes les videos seront egalement referencees sur ma page cookbook.

PS: Je suis egalement revenu au bon vieux systeme de commentaires de Blogger, plus simple et moins contraignant. Bon, le hic est que je perds tous ceux venant de Google+ qui ne sont plus affiches.

Thursday 21 November 2013

First batch of British paras

5 down, 6 more to finish. Feodalfig had sent me 11 Warlord games British paras to paint. I've finally managed to paint some more, and finish the 5 of them who were wearing a beret. The other 6 wear helmets, and they should be soon finished, hopefully. I took the pictures a bit earlier and the varnish wasn't quite dry. But strangely enough, it is still a bit shiney, although I'm using a matte one. Hmm. All in all, I like them, they were easy enough to paint. But so far, I prefer the Crusader and Foundry minis. Now for the basing ...

5 de faits, plus que 6 a terminer. Feodalfig m'avait envoye 11 Paras anglais de chez Warlord. J'ai enfin reussi a en terminer 5, et les 6 autres ( qui portent un casque) sont en passe d'etre finis egalement. J'ai pris les photos un peu auparavant, et le vernis n'etait pas completement sec. il est toujours encore un peu brillant, alors que j'utilise du mat. Etrange. Les peindre fut satisfaisant. Elles sont agreables et ps trop compliquees, meme si je prefere de loin les Foundry et Crusader. Il me reste encore le soclage a faire...

Tuesday 19 November 2013

I've tested JUGULA! The next gladiators game

I had promised it , you have it. Tonight's post will be about Studio Tomahawk's forthcoming game, Jugula. Just so you know, the guys from Studio Tomahawk have commited Mousquets and Tomahawks, and Saga. Therefore they have a solid background in novelty about gaming.

Je vous l'avais promis, et je vous satisfais. Le post de ce soir est a propos du jeu a venir de Studio Tomahawk, Jugula. Pour info, est-il besoin de le preciser, ce sont les gars qui ont commis Mousquets et Tomahawks, ainsi que Saga. Bref, du lourd, et du solide question nouveaute dans les systemes de jeu.

Monday 18 November 2013

All about my Warfare 2013

Tim (madaxeman) and I had agreed for a pick-up on Saturday morning. So, at precisely 7.15AM, I saw him arriving down my street. I was already outside, in the cold, while my family was still comfortably asleep. Anyway. After 45min of driving along the M4, we arrived at Reading to pick Simon and Dave up. We then drove to the Leisure center and went for a little walk to have a nice breakfast at the Gorge ( it was so huge I didn't eat anything before dinner).

Tim (madaxeman) et moi avions convenu d'un covoiturage le samedi matin. A 7h15 petantes, je le vis arriver dans ma rue. Chapeau la ponctualite. J'etais deja dehors, ma petite famille dormant encore. Apres 45min d'autoroute, nous arrivames a Reading pour recuperer Simon and Dave. Puis direction le lieu de la convention pour garer la voiture, et direction le cafe pour un petit dejeuner veritablement pantagruelique.

At 10AM, the doors opened to the public and I went in. When walking down the alleys, I had the impression it was less well attented than last time. As I expected, the demos didn't really catch my eyes, Warfare being mostly a giant supermarket and about tournaments, but still, a good number of them looked interesting, and some really nice:

A 10h, ouverture des portes. Comme je m'y attendais, les demos etaient tres inegales at loin d'etre toutes attirantes, mais certaines m'ont bien plu visuellement. Il faut dire que Warfare est avant tout un supermarche et un lieu pour les tournois. J'ai toutefois eu l'impression qu'il y avait moins de monde. Bon toutes proportions gardees bien sur, car cela nous ferait rever en France.

I talked to people here and there, and finally bought more or less what I wanted: some Peter Pig minis to complete my Longstreet army, and some Biblical Essex for another project. But shhhhh. All in all, a good day. Tomorrow, I'll tell you about Jugula ;)

J'ai passe pas mal de temps a discuter de-ci, de-la, et j'ai trouve en gros ce que je voulais, des Peter Pig pour terminer mon armee Longstreet pas commencee, et des figs Bibliques Essex pour un nouveau projet. Demain, je vous dirai ce que j'ai retenu de Jugula. A +

Sunday 17 November 2013

A painting challenge - Peckinpah style, and badgers

It's finally that time of the year: Curt is about to launch his now famous painting competition. Last year, my par objective was 1000 points, which I didn't reach, with a total of around 780 points. Therefore this year I'll try to reach first the 800 mark. I have some 28mm to paint, and since Curt has kindly provided some bonus points for particular entries, I might be available to reach them. I've already found what I needed for most of these special entries. Hin hin. Anyway, I now have a lot of prepping to do. Good luck to all the contestants, and may the best win! Tomorrow, everything I did at Warfare, with my loot and some info about Jugula.

L'hiver approche, et Curt va lancer sa fameuse competition de peinture. J'avais reussi avec peine a atteindre les 780 points l'an dernier, alors que mon objectif etait de 100 points. Je vais donc etre plus raisonnable et tenter d'atteindre les 800 cette annee. J'ai du 28mm a peindre, et Curt a opportunement cree des points bonus pour certaines entrees. Ca tombe, j'ai de quoi/ trouve de quoi a acheter, pour obtenir une bonne partie de ces points. Alors bonne chance a tous, sauf un;) Et demain, tout je vous raconterai ce que j'ai fait a Warfare, et je vous dirai tout ce que je sais sur Jugula, et je vous  montrerai ce que j'ai achete.

Oh, and booh to the sandbagging badger in budgie smugglers ;)

Friday 15 November 2013

Nothing to report. Oh! Warfare is tomorrow

I know I know. Still nothing to show you. Don't despair, I've startd painting once again. Hopefully, if I can plan it well, the British paras will be finished in a week. And then... Most probably some Ancients.

And as for tomorrow, I've finally managed to get an extra day off, just for me! Ok, my mother-in-law is visiting us for a few days, so  I can escape with a free mind. Therefore, I've decided to go to Warfare in Reading. So, stay tuned, I might have some stuff to show you ;) including Studio Tomahawk's future game...

Bon, j'avoue, je reste un gros mauvais, Je n'ai toujours rien a montrer de peint. Mais j'ai repris les pinceaux, j'vous jure. Si tout se passe comme prevu, les paras britanniques seront prets dans une semaine. Et apres, retour a l'antique. En attendant, jai reussi magistralement mon day-off a ma douce et tendre pour pouvoir m'echapper demain. Ok, sa mere nous rend visite pour quelques jours... Du coup, je vais en profiter pour aller a Warfare, a Reading. Je pense donc que j'aurai pas mal de choses a vous montrer, a commencer par des images du nouveau jeu de Studio Tomahawk. Restez a l'ecoute.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Onwards! Time to get back on the saddle

I was right. Even though I had everything prepped for a bit of painting during my holidays, I was too exhausted at the end of the day to do anything. This is what happens when you have an energetic child who doesn't nap anymore. Bah. Now I hope I'll find a bit more time, and I really need it, since a lot of lead has reached my table.

J'avais raison.. Meme si j'avais tout prepare pour faire un peu de peinture durant les vacances, j'etais trop epuise apres mes journees pour faire quoi que ce soit. Voila ce qui arrive quand on a un charmant bambin tres energique et que ne fait plus de sieste. Maintenant que l'ecole a recommence, on va bien voir ce qui se passera. Et il faut que je m'active.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Some preparations during the holidays

I often read bloggers saying they would paint more than usual because they're on holidays. How true I would like that to be. My holidays are at the same time as my daughter's, who is 3 1/2... So, while convenient because I won't have to pay someone to take care of her, it also means I won't have time for myself, except when she's asleep from 8.45PM. And by then I'll be exhausted; she's so energetic.

Je lis souvent que les bloggueurs vont avoir le temps de peindre maintenant qu'ils sont en vacances. J'ainerais que cela soit vrai. Les miennes tombent en meme temps que ma petite, qui est une vraie pile Duracel de 3 1/2 ans. Bref, si c'est economique, c'est crevant et surtout je ne peux prendre le pinceau qu'a partir de 20.45, une fois qu'elle dort, et donc je suis un chouia mort de fatigue. Donc on verra.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Battle of Woodcorner house- May 1863- A Longstreet game

This is an after action report from a fictional battle, using Longstreet ACW rules. After this reading, you will find some thoughts about these rules.

Voici un compte-rendu de partie fictif sur une bataille jouee avec Longstreet. Apres ce CR, vous trouverez mon avis sur ce systeme.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Painting inspiration: Don Troiani

As you know, I've been bit by the ACW bug. I now know which brigade I'll paint. Since I wanted to start the long campaign from Longstreet, I decided to play units which actually fought in 1861. I won't tell you which ones, but it should be colourful, hopefully.

So, in order to get motivated, and have some information about them, I had ordered some books, and chosen the ones illustrated by the paintings from Don Troiani. Browsing through the net, I found the 5 I was interested in, and managed to get them for less the £5 each. Very good bargain to be honest. Don Troiani is really talented, and his paintings can be qualified as wargamers porn. If you like ACW obviously.

I'm still waiting for the last 2

Comme vous le savez, j'ai fini par succomber au virus guerre de secession, grace a Longstreet, et surtout a cause de Fred et Denis. je ne vous remercie pas les gars. J'ai fait mon choix parmi les differentes brigades ayant combattu des 1861, car voulant faire la grande campagne, je voulais partir sur quelque chose d'historique. Je ne vous en dirai pas plus pour le moment car il me faut maintenant commander les figs. Tout ce que je peux vous reveler, c'est que cela sera colore. J'aime la couleur et les habits seyants, avec eventuellement des frous-frous, de la dentelle (oups je m'egare).

Donc, pour entretenir la motivation, tout en recuperant des infos sur ces unites, j;ai commande des bouquins, tous illustres par les oeuvres de Don Troiani. Apres quelques recherches sur le net, j'avais trouve mes futurs livres de chevet, desormais recus, pour la modique somme de £5 livres chacun, ce qui fait, quoi, moins de 6 euros chacun. Ce fut vraiment une bonne affaire. Don Troiani est vraiment un peintre de talent, et, si vous aimez la guerre de secession, ses oeuvres font vraiment saliver. Bref, notre porno a nous, quoi.

Tuesday 1 October 2013

En route to Victory: the assembly line

Now that my British test figure has been approved, I've started the block painting. My goal is to paint the unit in one go, so it could be faster. Thus I could go on with my other projects, warming up before Curt's painting challenge. I will also start writing down the paints references I used to get them done, so I can share them with you. I know it's a short post, but hey, I'm knackered. I'm also writing a batrep that is long overdue, and I have some minis to buy, since I've been paid ;)

Saturday 28 September 2013

Tommy's dressed for war: my British para test

I managed to finish painting my test mini for Feodalfig. I quite like the way I did it. I listened to your advices and looked on the internet too. To be honest, it was quite easy. As soon as I have enough time, I'll post the recipe/ colours I used: I've started writing down my combinations in a file simply called " Seb's cookbook". If you like this mini, tell me and I'll post my palette. Hmm, after having seen those pics, I've found a few mistakes. Damned!


Et voila. J'ai reussi a trouver le temps pour terminer la fig test pour le cadeau de Feodalfig. J'espere que cela vous satisfait. J'ai bien ecoute vos conseils et farfouille le net pour me creer ma palette perso. Si cela vous tente, je mettrai en ligne mes couleurs choisies. Bon, je vais avouer que les gros plans mettent en evidence les defauts.


Tuesday 24 September 2013

I ain't tellin' ya 'tis a long way...

First of, all I'll do a bit a pimping for Anne, who's hosting a giveaway. Cheers Anne, I really need some books to read ;)

I have to admit I'm becoming more and more of a magpie. After having read quite a bit on the internet about Sam Mustafa's new rules, Longstreet, I finally decided to take the plunge at them and bought the bundle from Northstar.

I've already started reading them, and I  like what I see, so far. I now know I have to paint an army for the Grand campaign, and I also know the guys at CLWC will start a grand campaign. Yes! In order to keep the motivation up, I've already randomly picked two biography cards:

My first one is the artillery officer, nice
Now back to tha painting, and I really hope to finish painting my Tommy ;)

Bon, deja que je me sentais faible, ce post n'ameliore pas les choses. En effet, cela faisait longtemps que le lorgnais sur les nouvelles regles de Sam Mustafa. Eh bien evidemment, certains d'entre vous, de par leur emulation respectives, ont fini par me faire craquer. Hop, petite commande chez Northstar, et hop, me voila avec de quoi lire et m'amuser. Ce que j'ai lu me convient tout a fait pour le moment, et j'envisage de me monter une armee pour la grande campagne. Et pour feter ca, j'ai tire aleatoirement deux cartes de bio.

Sunday 15 September 2013

Tommy gets dressed, part 1: British para WIP

Finally, after two months, the brushes found the way back to my hand, and I started painting my brave Tommy, the test figure. So far, a bit of wash, some paint, and I've started on some highlights before doing the camo.

I've also changed the layout of my blog, dropping the dynamic view, which was a bit of a pain to be honest. Maybe someday. And to finish this short post, a bit of pimping for a friend's blog, Olivier ( just click here). I know, I know, he's French too, but he can speak and write English as well, so if you come and drop a line, he might start writing in English. What such pimping? He's made a good article on how to produce your own flock, and he has also started the board for the battle of Hastenbeck. Sounds and looks promising guys.

Bon, je crois que je suis reparti. J'ai reussi a peindre un peu Tommy, en lui donnant quelques couleurs, avec 2-3 eclaircissements. Je fais le facile avant le camo ;) 
J'ai egalement change l'apparence de mon blog, redevenu plus classique, car bon, le dynamic view, c'est par encore ca. Peut-etre plus tard. 
J'en profite egalement pour faire de la pub pour le blog d'un pote, Olivier, qui je pense risque de meriter le detour. Il est certes recent, mais on y trouve deja un tuto pour faire son flocage, et surtout le journal de fabrication du plateau pour reconstituer la bataille d'Hastenbeck.


Friday 13 September 2013

Back to the brushes? and a test

I still don't know precisely when I'll be working during the week, since the time tables have not been finished (grr), but I think I got used to my new job, provided I can be resilient enough to stay seated in a chair less then 45min a day ;)

Anyway. I've decided to start painting again, and, though I know I have some pending projects, I wanted to give a go at feodalfig's minis. Therefore, I've primed a test mini, which will be painted to know if it looks good or not. Painting camo in 28mm will be a good challenge.

Ladies and gents, here is Tommy

Now for the test. Big Lee seems to be dice cursed and proved it on his blogRay and Postie had a go too . So I tried it too and here are the results:

10 d20: average= 15.4 
10 d10: average= 5.2 (bof)
10 D6: average= 4.1.

So, if I don't use any d10, I should be more than ok, and yes, Lee seem sto be cursed.

Bon, meme si je ne connais toujours pas mon emploi du temps, au moins je m'habitue a mon nouveau boulot. Le plus dur est de rester assis 45min max par jour... Je sens que la rentree commence a me faire du bien, et j'ai decide de reprendre les pinceaux. Oui, j'ai des projets en cours, mais pour changer, j'ai attaque les figs de Feodalfig. D'abord une fig test, puis le reste du lot. Peindre des camo anglais va me changer.

Et comme vous avez pu le voir ci-dessus, Lee semble etre maudit par les des. Au point d'avoir fait le test moi-meme. Les resultats sont corrects ( voire mieux avec les d20). Et vous?

Saturday 7 September 2013

That is not dead which can eternal lie


Nearly two months without any updates. As you can now see, I'm not dead. Far from it. But after my August holidays without the net, we moved from Central London to Ealing because our daughter has just started school.... Hooray. And I've also started my new job this week, with frantic hours: I should work 16h per week on average, but I've done 36! Everything should be back to normal next week. Hopefully.

As soon as I have time, I'll start painting again, and I should also change the layout of the blog. Dynamic view is not what I expected ;)

See you very soon, so watch this space.


Friday 19 July 2013

Of receiving and visiting

Wow, things move fast. Today, thanks to my wife's company, we'll be visiting 9 different homes. I don't think we'll find the right one immediately, but there's a relief! We now only have to pack our things.

Anyway, first, I received yesterday Lee's prize and I must say I'm very pleased: the Perrys, some extra minis and, Rejects Dice! Yes!  I hope they'll be lucky. Now, i'm still waitinf Feodalfig's parcel, and everything will be ready for the summer.

Bon, les choses vont plus vite que prevu, et je vais visiter une petite dizaine de logements aujourd'hui, le tout organise par la boite de ma femme. Cool, il ne restera plus que les paquets a faire. En parlant de paquets, j'ai recu celui de Lee, et franchement je suis gate. Il ne me reste plus qu'a recuperer celui de Feodalfig, et je serai pare.

On another note, James at Exilespainting, wrote a nice post about what kind of blogger we are. Well, I'm definitely #1, and a bit of #2,#4 and #9, I suppose. I'm very open-minded. Though also a bit of a butterfly too ;)

Enfin, James a ecrit un post a propos du type de blogger que nous pourrions etre. Eh bien, j'avoue etre clairement dans la categorie 1, mais avec un peu de 2, 4 et 9, vu que je ne peins pas trop mal et que j'aime partager ce que je fais.

Wednesday 17 July 2013

Rule Britannia!

Yesterday, I hinted at my new project. Ok, I just said I had a new project in mind. But what will it be? I've more or less always be tempted by the 19th century  wars. Why , I can't say. But, until recently, I never really knew what to game. I finally chose an era which could be practical figures wise, and yes, it involves the British army (come on, I live in London).

Hier, j'ai rapidement evoque mon intention de demarrer un nouveau projet. Pour le moment, c'est juste du virtuel, mais il a le potentiel pour se concretiser. J'ai toujours ete plus ou moins tente par les guerres du 19e siecle, meme si je ne saurai dire pourquoi. Ce n'est toutefois que recemment que j'ai trouve mon bonheur. Il faut que cela soit pratique au niveau fig, et donc cela implique le Royaume-Uni.

Therefore, I've chosen to game the Crimean War! It will be interesting, since I will also do the French forces, whose uniform was more or less similar until 1870... I will need first some sources, and then choose the rules and the scale.

J'ai donc decide de ma lancer dans la guerre de Crimee. Cela promet d'etre interessant, car je compte bien evidemment faire les Francais, dont l'uniforme a assez peu change jusqu'en 1870. Il va donc me falloir travailler avec de la doc, et surtout savoir avec quelle regle jouer et a quelle echelle.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Don't worry, be happy

Oh my. Quite a lot of days have without a post. Well, I have to say, a lot is going on at the moment, and I don't really have anything to show you. Or do I?

First, as everyone of you knows, the heat here in the UK is really debilitating. Indeed our flat s too hot during the evenings to paint. Damn the English weather. Then We've started potty training our daughter... No comment there. But wait,! It's not over! Since we couldn't reach an agreement with our landlord, our lease is not renewed, so we have to find a new home, and pack our stuff before the 31st of August... Yeah well, I really prefer reading a good book instead of painting, and I haven't touched a brush for....Well, when was the last time I published something about my minis?

On the other hand, I really have some good news! First, I learned I had won Lee's million hits giveaway. I will be soon the owner of some nice Perry stuff. Kewl! Oh, I almost forgot: I HAVE FOUND A JOB! I should start in September, I just received the contract and have to sign it. YES!

Oh and I also have a new project, but shhhhh

Ben mon cochon, si je continue a espacer mes publications autant, je pourrai bientot arreter la blogosphere. Heureusement, j'ai une bonne liste d'excuse: 1/ il fait vraiment trop chaud sur Londres et du coup impossible de peindre; 2/ On a commencer a apprendre le pot a notre fille. Je vous passe les details. Et enfin,  3/notre bail arrive a terme et nous n'avons pas reussi a nous mettre d'accord avec le proprio pour les conditions de renouvellement. Du coup, il faut qu'on soit parti d'ici le 31 aout...

Bon, j'ai quand meme de quoi me rejouir: j'ai tout d'abord gagne au tirage organise par Lee pour feter sa millionieme page vue... Yes, des Perry sont en route. Et puis surtout: J'AI TROUVE DU BOULOT! Je viens de recevoir le contrat, que je vais signer, et a priori je commence des debut septembre!

Et pis j'ai prevu de quoi commencer un nouveau projet.

Saturday 29 June 2013

A new convention, and a good book

First of all, James, the exiles painter, has managed to transform one of his ideas, a convention of wargaming bloggers, into reality. In November, if you happen to go to Nottigham, you'll be available to attend what could be a new kind of event, hosted by the guys from Wargames Foundry. He set-up a new blog to give some info about it, but I asked him if I could design a website for it, and James kindly agreed. Cool. Now it's time to work!

I also have an idea for a game: this could be the opportunity to host a demo of Art de la guerre, whose English version will be published-it's now official- between September and October, Of course, I would bring my 28mm army.

Friday 28 June 2013

Uninspiring bowmen

The week-end is almost there, and with it the prospect of evening painting sessions. Hmmmm. But before that, Imanaged to finish painting two more bowmen for my 28mm army. So, why did I write "uninspiring" then? Well, to be honest, I've been slightly disappointed by this Foundry pack. The minis look almost identical, which is a shame. On the other hand, I got it on a discount, so... They still look good to me, but I didn't have any inspiration for the shield, so, sorry about that. On the left one, I tried to paint a squinting eye. After all, you need to close one of your eye to adjust your sight.

Le week-end approche, et avec lui la promesse de soirees de peinture. Miam. Mais en attendant, j'ai reussi a peindre mes deux archers pour en faire des tirailleurs. J'ai ete assez peu inspire sur ce coup, je ne savais pas trop quoi faire pour les boucliers. Desole. De plus, les poses sont quasi-identiques. Dommage, surtout pour des tirailleurs, mais je ne vais pas faire mon difficile vu que je les ai eus en soldes. J'ai egalement essaye de peindre l'un d'entre eux avec un oeil clos, plus facile pour viser ;)

Thursday 27 June 2013

Slingers done!

The week doesn't seem to have started well. I had an interview last week, the first one in 10 months. They told me I would get an answer this week-end. Well, we're halfway through the new week, and still no answer. F****. Am I going to stand 10 more months without any proper job?

Ah well. After having primed some 28mm minis, I started with the four skirmishers, and I managed to finish two of them, two slingers from Foundry. They had some flash, especially one, and despite my efforts, I found new molding lines after the primer. Sh**!

Anyway, here they are. I tried a new recipe for the flesh, and I quite like it, so I'll keep it. Cheers.

urgh! moulding lines

Bon, on ne peut dire que la semaine a bien commence. LA semaine derniere, j'ai eu ma premiere interview en 10 mois. Et on me repond que j'aurai la reponse dans le week-end. Bon, la semaine est a moitie ecoulee, et rien.. Merde! J'aimerai bien trouver un vrai boulot. 

Bon, passons. Apres avoir sous-couche les figs, je me suis occupe des tirailleurs Foundry. Et j'ai termine les deux premiers frondeurs. Petit probleme, une d'entre elles avait pas mal de lignes de moulage, et malgre mes efforts, j'en ai trouve d'autres apres la sous-couche. Put***.